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Illuminating the future by making a difference today

We’re guided by a vision of community that serves the ambitions and wellbeing of all people, and our professional communities are no exception. We model that ideal every day by being supportive, collaborative partners to one another, conscientiously making space for our colleagues to grow and thrive. Our passionate, international team of innovators is driven to create a future where smarter infrastructure protects the environments that shape and connect us all.

Shining a light on life at Brightly

At Brightly, we’re building toward a brighter future every day, surrounded by a global team of dedicated people making it easier for communities to grow, learn, build and thrive.

We believe passion makes all the difference.

Together, we tackle the world’s toughest challenges with an innovative spirit. As experts in our field and leaders in our industry, we eagerly pursue the shared goal of serving our clients with empathy and excellence.

We believe trust comes first.

With colleagues and clients alike, we meet everyone in good faith. We’re always ready to speak our minds, embrace the unfamiliar, ask questions to seek understanding and respect where the data leads.

We believe in being our whole selves.

We each play a part in creating an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere where people can be completely themselves. That also means having the flexibility to honor one another’s commitments in both professional and personal life.

We believe in empowering one another.

Empowerment can be a vague, feel-good word. Not for us. We conscientiously make space for everyone to be heard and understood and encourage each other to take ownership of our own ideas, projects and initiatives.

We are united by a desire to help our clients make their organizations and institutions more effective, more sustainable and more valuable than yesterday. That brighter future starts with us.

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Belonging at Brightly

Belonging at Brightly is about being your most authentic self. We strive to offer a place where diversity is celebrated, self-expression is validated and peers are supportive.

Our resource groups give employees a safe space to connect with one another and share what makes them who they are.

At Brightly, we are building a future with smarter assets, sustainable communities and inclusive workspaces.

Profiles in Culture

Discover how Brightly employees embody our values and credo every day.

"I have never felt more accepted in a work environment as I do at Brightly! The continued support of our community & the ability to be myself no matter what is something I will forever be grateful for!"

Manager, Sales Enablement, Brightly

"Brightly's future is grounded in innovation. Our industries, our markets are shifting, and they're shifting fast. We're in a position to bring our products and our solutions together. To really embrace that change and drive our customers forward."

Vice President, Public Infrastructure, Brightly
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