Community Central Dashboard
Community Central

Citizen View

Through our deep integration with the Jadu Digital Platform, a leading low-code CRM, forms and web experience platform, residents can easily find asset information on a map view and efficiently provide accurate details about an issue, removing redundant efforts throughout the process. The map will now show information from your report against the asset and gain updates on issue resolution progress on the map in real-time.

Community Central Dashboard
Community Central

Customer Services Advisor View

Through our powerful integration with the Jadu Digital Platform, cases are automatically raised in both Jadu and Confirm directly from the details of the citizen report, removing double entry. Back-office/work crews can now update the enquiry in Confirm which will automatically update all relevant information regarding work and status on the Jadu platform notifying the citizen of the progress fixing the issue that they raised.

Note: The visibility of the information passed back from Confirm can be controlled, such that it is possible to show certain information only to privileged staff members.

Digital platform for connecting communities with assets

Confirm Highway


All-in-one enterprise asset management solution to store and manage your public infrastructure assets, providing real-time insight you need to make decisions fast.

Engagement Management

Proactive engagement with the community to remove failure demand.

Operate with greater transparency

With connected assets, your community can submit queries and stay up to date with planned works. 

Gain insight needed to plan effectively

Visualise your data to determine the most effective asset maintenance strategies. Interactive maps and graphs display asset condition, forecasted over time based on various budget and treatment options. 

Improved perception

Alignment of community interaction to asset-centric processes improves perception  and outcomes.

Manage your budgets and measure performance

With a predefined dashboard and reporting tools at your disposal, you’ll see how your maintenance and operations measure up to KPIs. Meanwhile, charts and graphs help you visualise budget spending.

Speak your community's language

Harnessing channel-shift and aligning processes reduces cost and duplication of effort.

Success Story

From road repair to smart lighting, the City of Edinburgh Council is driving cost savings

The City of Edinburgh Council
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Consolidating data on so many different asset types in one location helps the City of Edinburgh Council

"You can see key measures at a glance. The value of having all of our information in one place is huge for driving service improvement and for meeting our efficiency targets."

Head of Place Management, The City of Edinburgh Council
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