Highways Asset Management

With increasing inflation and climate change considerations as well as increased resident expectations, it is becoming more complex to effectively manage and maintain public infrastructure. 

Our solution enables you to discharge your statutory obligations and effectively deliver collaboration across all operations including enquiries, inspections, maintenance, and investment to secure the future of your assets and improve the perception of your organisation.

Confirm Highway

Highways Asset Management

Confirm is our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. The smart, cost-effective way to manage your assets. Streamline vast and complex data into actionable insights to support effective decision making.  Providing the organisation the information required to deliver effective asset management planning and delivery in the most efficient way.

Predictor Capital Investment

Highways Asset Lifecycle & Capital Planning

Predictor is our Strategic Asset Management (SAM) solution with full asset lifecycle prediction modeling and capital planning capabilities. Predictor models various funding scenarios so you can optimize investment decisions and use powerful data visualisations to help prove your case for funding.

Taking a complex network of highway assets and making them simple
A single source of truth for assets.

Confirm eliminates the need for multiple system inputs, helping you maximise efficiency with one system, one vendor, and all your highway assets recorded in one location, along with all associated works and updates. 

Streamline your workforce.

Streamline day-to-day operations by monitoring, assessing, and controlling assets with preventive maintenance. Realise demand and deploy resources  across different asset types.

Operations on the go.

The ConfirmConnect mobile app provides real-time information on all assets, including inspections, defects, jobs, and permits allowing field workers to resolve jobs quicker.

Sustainable assets driving net zero.

With Brightly’s sustainability solution you can centrally collect, track, analyse and report on asset and portfolio level metrics. Reduce costs and cut your carbon footprint leading to meeting your future net zero goals.

Effective budget management.

Predict the life of your assets whilst understanding the short and long-term view of assets through modelling various funding scenarios to make better investment decisions.

Actionable real-time data and reports.

Pre-defined dashboards and reporting tools give you a full view of asset performance and sustainability goals measuring up to your KPIs for reporting.

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Confirm Highway

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