Debunked: 5 Common Myths about a CMMS

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Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) have changed drastically over the last decade. Heavier on-premises solutions have been displaced by web and mobile applications. Despite all the positive benefits of this technology in maintenance operations, there are still some misconceptions that remain and discourage organizations from implementing them. 

Katie Gramajo, former Director of Operations and APPA Certified Educational Facilities Professional, debunks five common myths and shine a light on how a suite of powerful asset management tools can drastically improve your school’s maintenance and operations. These common misconceptions include: 

  • I have no control over my facilities’ budget. 
  • Implementation of a new system is complicated and time-consuming. 
  • Training staff on new technology is impossible. 
  • All I need is an IT ticketing system. 
  • Facilities management is not impacted by sustainability trends.