Success Story

Golden Plains Shire Council creates single source of truth for asset data and maintenance by migrating to cloud

Golden Plains Shire Council
Golden Plains Shire, Victoria, Australia
Golden Shire
Coordinator, Asset Management at Golden Plains Shire Council


Golden Plains Shire Council needed to better understand the impacts of decisions on asset health and a standardised approach to managing its asset data — a central repository to act as a single source of truth.


By partnering with Brightly, Golden Plains can now:

  • Consolidate asset lifecycle data into one system, preventing duplication
  • Adopt a standardised, systematic approach for all asset-related decision-making and accounting
  • See all planned and reactive maintenance activities across its building portfolio
  • Identify funding deficiencies and improve staff buy-in around renewable requirements with data-backed insights


  • Asset portfolio has an estimated replacement value of $620 million
  • Manages 208 buildings such as public halls, pavilions, libraries, and buildings
  • Largest asset category is roads, including 1,000km of sealed roads and 735km of unsealed roads
  • Current population is 24,249 and is expected to increase to 42,193 people by 2041 (a growth rate of around 2.6% per annum)