Success Story

Wyndham City Council - Optimising facilities investment with multiple performance criteria

Wyndham City Council
Wyndham City Council, Victoria, Australia
Staff Image Rory Gibbons
Senior Strategic Asset Management Consultant, Brightly


Being one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia, Wyndham City Council recognised that better understanding the performance of facility assets, both now and into the future, was critical to providing appropriate, sustainable services to the community. 


Wyndham partnered with Brightly to develop a holistic life cycle analysis model, incorporating multiple performance criteria of condition, capacity, functionality, accessibility and sustainability. 

The project has:

  • Improved accuracy of long-term financial forecasting and short term works programming.
  • Provided a single source of truth for all facility performance information via an interactive online environment.  
  • Strengthened the relationship between asset, facility and service managers and started to break down the traditional siloed approach to asset planning.