End-to-end healthcare asset management

Provide better health outcomes for your patients and communities with Brightly’s enterprise-grade asset management solution. Stop relying on ad-hoc, siloed legacy systems that don’t let you see the big picture. Keep track of all your assets in one place, maximise uptime and optimise planning.

Improve efficiency, satisfy compliance and make better long-term healthcare investments 

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesGain an enterprise-wide, comprehensive view of your asset portfolio, performance and risk.
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesIncrease efficiency across the asset lifecycle by capturing in-built and maintenance asset data from multiple sources
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesGrow your asset classes and modules over time with a scalable solution to suit your functional requirements.
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesMeet increasing regulatory compliance requirements based on up-to-date data
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Manage more healthcare assets in a single platform

As populations rise and age, demand for healthcare grows. To keep pace, hospitals and health agencies must expand operations and infrastructure, resulting in an ever-growing list of critical assets. The problem is, when assets are managed by different systems that work in isolation, understanding current and future needs gets harder.

Optimise your strategic health priorities, levels of service and whole-of-life asset costs with an end-to-end asset management solution powered by Brightly Enterprise Asset Management.

Brightly offers a clear view of all your assets across multiple sites. Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • General asset register functionality
  • Integrated space management
  • Financial asset management
  • Work requests, work orders and field execution
  • Preventative Maintenance planning
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Risk management of critical infrastructure
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Increase operational efficiency with better asset data and insights

Managing health assets across their lifecycle is vital to ensure essential facilities and plant and equipment are always available in the moments that matter. If your data is not up to date or complete, it’s hard to predict which assets to upgrade or replace and when – increasing the risk of asset downtime, patient delays and costly mistakes.

Create a central repository of all asset data across your portfolio for better visibility, operational efficiency and decision-making with Brightly Enterprise Asset Management.  

Use a coordinated approach to efficiently capture data from multiple sources, including:

  • As-built asset data from asset delivery partners at the completion of key project milestones (via BIM capability)
  • As-maintained asset data which is progressively added to the asset register
  • Occupancy and utilization by integrating with space management systems  
  • Lease Management and Lease IFRS16 compliance  
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Scalable to meet your growing needs

To meet the rising demands of a growing population, many hospitals and healthcare operators are investing in major redevelopments to cater for community needs. As their operations grow, so does their collection of assets – all requiring management and maintenance. The more assets, the more complexity. Until now.

Choose an asset management system that’s designed to grow with you. Brightly Enterprise Asset Management is highly scalable to suit your growth and functional needs without compromising on performance or the depth of asset information stored.  

Enhance the capabilities of your physical assets and manage them all in a single platform.  

  • Supports staged implementation – modules and asset classes can be added over time
  • Enables you to increase asset management maturity over time
  • Allows for Sustainability planning 

Meet compliance requirements

Healthcare is one of Australia’s most regulated industries, making compliance a top priority for hospitals and healthcare agencies. This requires the ongoing evaluation of practices to ensure consistent standards are met in patient care and safety. Preparing for annual compliance reviews and monitoring activities can be stressful without the right data at your fingertips.    

Brightly Enterprise Asset Management lets you track progress on compliance-related maintenance tasks and stay up to date with the latest Australian regulations.

Trust Brightly to help you meet healthcare compliance requirements including:

  • ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards
  • Victoria’s Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF)  
  • Asset Management Policy for the NSW Public Sector TPP 19-07
  • IFRS16 on accounting for leases 
  • Net Zero roadmap and NABERS Rating 
Make better investment decisions with predictive modelling

Once you’ve got all your data in one place, harness it with Brightly’s Strategic Asset Management (SAM) software, Predictor. Model different long-term funding and service scenarios so you can make better investment decisions to support your expansion plans.  


Leverage industry-specific algorithms and condition-based degradation profiles to maximise the long-term state of your asset portfolio.


Protect your assets by creating powerful and easily digestible visuals to show leaders the long-term impact of funding.


Model funding scenarios and compare the impact they will have on your health assets, powerfully displayed through tailored dashboards and reports that can be shared with a single click.


Tailor our powerful software to fit your healthcare agencies needs and your organisation’s decision-making process.


Weigh up the needs of your community and stakeholders with funding requirements and the status of your asset health to make smarter decisions.


Plan for a brighter tomorrow with powerful data that gives you insight into the health of your assets many decades into the future.  

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Ready to improve your asset performance and patient care?

See how Brightly can help you better manage your health assets and improve patient care while satisfying regulatory compliance requirements.