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Reduce utility consumption and environmental footprint, cut costs and support ESG initiatives 

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Sustainability has reached a tipping point in nearly every industry around the globe. Organisations across public and private sectors in manufacturing, commercial real estate, cities/counties, infrastructure alike are being challenged to set and deliver on aggressive net-zero emissions targets and to drive results via ESG initiatives. Regulators and shareholders are driving investment and accountability. Without data-driven solutions to illuminate energy consumption and waste, it is not possible to effectively manage energy consumption and environmental impact.

Brightly’s sustainability and energy solutions enable operations professionals to achieve their environmental goals by:

  • Identifying ways to eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions
  • Understanding energy consumption trends over time
  • Proving impact of ESG strategies

The intelligent software your world needs to thrive



The smart, cost-effective way to manage your public infrastructure assets. Streamline information related to your assets providing the instant insight you need.

Gain end-to-end efficiency

Manage more assets in a single platform. Streamlining your business workflows while optimising budgets and staffing. 

Operate with greater transparency

With dashboarding available to record and report on your carbon emissions, stakeholders are aware of the progress in the sustainability goals. 

Gain insight needed to plan effectively

Visualise your data to determine the most effective strategies. Interactive maps and graphs display asset condition, forecasted over time based on various budget and treatment options. 

Intelligent Tree Data

Use Confirm to support your data led, sustainable tree management.

Manage your budgets and measure performance

With a predefined dashboard and reporting tools at your disposal, you’ll see how your actions measure up to KPIs. Meanwhile, charts and graphs help you visualise your progress.

Accountability for you and your organisation

Quantify the value and resources needed to meet statutory responsibilities and corporate objectives. Demonstrate the reasons behind the calculations.

Rising to the challenge, a multidisciplinary team of environmental engineers, scientists and strategic asset management specialists across Brightly and E2Designlab worked with SOPA to develop an asset management framework and plan capable of sustainably delivering required levels of service, managing risks and driving continual improvement in the asset portfolio over the next 20 years.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA)

New South Wales, AUS


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