Ports are the gateway to trade. Every day, we rely on their smooth operations to get goods from shipping containers to businesses and homes as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

As such, Ports custodians understand that never has it been more important to ensure that the practice of maintaining and preserving their asset portfolio is done in a way that future risks of service delivery are identified, costed and mitigated.


With multiple hundreds of millions invested in these port assets, like any other utility, power or energy investment, financial modelling of future choices for shareholders is now a bigger governance issue. 

Is the investment secured to avoid future risks and peaks in asset failures? Can we see the choices now to determine what we charge and how we pay for future asset upkeep to keep profits and revenue sustainable? Are we simply mirroring the past or can we confidently make future asset projections that reference climate change, economic disruption and industry frameworks?


Navigating the future

We see a shift with Ports Custodians applying deep asset management analytics to their asset condition data to better understand what lies over the horizon for the future financial sustainability of Ports infrastructure.

So how do you make the most of your asset data? How do you stay a step ahead and anticipate issues before they happen? What’s your condition data such as WSCAM (Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual) component information really trying to tell you?


Keep port assets in ship-shape condition

Make better decisions about your long-life assets, avoid future risks, and optimise or reduce capital and maintenance expenditure while achieving the best possible asset service level and condition outcomes with Brightly Predictor.

Predictor helps you reliably model and predict the future behaviour of your port asset infrastructure. Have confidence in your decisions by uncovering insights from your WSCAM data to direct your capital spend to the assets that need it, when they need it — based on their criticality, obsolescence, climate change challenges, or condition ratings.

Put your infrastructure condition data to work to:

Service Level
Extend Asset Lives

Extend asset lives and reduce asset degradation rates by optimising renewal and maintenance activities.

Infrastructure Decay
Predict Infrastructure Decay

Predict the rate of decline in service levels and the condition of assets using industry-specific algorithms.

Consumption Rate
Provide Evidenced Based Capital Planning

Justify asset investment decisions with line-of-sight linkage from individual asset or component data to high-level corporate objectives.

Brightly Predictor can help to:

Capital Investment Graph
Compare Capex Scenarios

Make informed decisions about capital investment using scenario modelling tools.

Simplify Complex Outcomes
Simplify Complex Outcomes

Powerfully communicate complex engineering outcomes visually via GIS or BI integration.

Manage Risk
Manage Risk

Model and rank risk to predict the potential infrastructure asset risk impacts to your organisation; record and manage asset-based risk and regulatory compliance.

Get more from your WSCAM data

With over 15 years of experience across hundreds of Australian agencies and over 150 asset types, Brightly Predictor brings the power of condition data insights to provide:

Long-Term Financial Plans

Unite stakeholders with data insight up to 100 years into the future for long-term plans on port development, access, and support services.

Long Term Financial
Capital Works Programs

Show the impact of different funding scenarios on your port infrastructure and assets to optimise service level outcomes and capital and maintenance expenditure.

Capitol Works
Evidence for Funding Submissions

Communicate compelling data-driven stories to secure critical funding by helping decision-makers understand your assets' current and future state and where money is best invested.

Funding Submission
Risk Profiles

Use simulations to understand your risk exposure at a portfolio level so you can prioritise which issues to focus on and the consequences of delaying asset renewals against other cost considerations. 

Risk Profiles
AMP (Asset Management Plans) Content

Develop impactful strategic asset management plans that demonstrate the impact of decision-making across various criteria and asset types.

Capital Works Packaging

Leverage GIS capability with Brightly’s Work Planner app to package treatments for spatial and non-spatial assets into logical capital works projects.


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