Assetic Dashboard


Our intuitive, configurable dashboards make it easy for you to monitor activity across your asset network. By presenting key asset information in a clear, easy-to-understand format this feature delivers the right information, to the right individual, immediately. Available for every module within the Brightly suite, dashboards also ensure correlation between events and issues are always clear.

Assetic Assessments Module


A key aspect of ensuring effective asset assessment is providing data capture staff with the correct tools and forms. Our Assessments Module features purpose-built forms to capture asset data, as well as photos and other attachments, with permission controls and the ability to print as required. Seamless interoperability with the Maintenance Module also means, should a defect be identified during an assessment, a work order can be raised on the spot via a simple pop-up, eliminating double-handling and improving response time.

Assetic Asset Module


Asset life-cycle costing, including consumption, useful lives and replacement values, are delivered through our Assets Module based on industry and regulatory requirements. Consumption patterns are completely user-customisable, and can be based on age, condition, or a combination of both.

Assetic Cloud
An asset management system for any stage

The central hub for all your asset data, this intelligent asset register is pre-configured for over 100 asset classes.


Ensure you capture and store the right data efficiently to enable informed decision making and optimised capital expenditure.


A pre-configured work management solution that enables best-practice maintenance processes – be that reactive, proactive or strategic.


Connect field and office and increase efficiency and visibility across all aspects of asset management. iOS & Android apps streamline key processes and manage user controls.

Valuations and Accounting

Improve transparency for powerful reporting and regulatory compliance. Support a range of accounting methods at the level of detail and control that suits your organisation, pulling valuations data seamlessly. 


Our cloud-based software is available anywhere, anytime – either by logging in online, or using the native mobile applications in Brightly Mobility. Users have on-demand global access through laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so productivity never slows.

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Trusted Partners

Best-practice asset management at your fingertips

Our industry-leading asset management software is designed by expert practitioners, building in decades of experience to make best-practice asset management a breeze. The software integrates seamlessly with your existing systems thanks to the latest in API technology and is ISO55000 and ISO27001 certified. 

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What can you expect when partnering with us?
Configurable, easy-to-use tools

Our solutions are easy for your whole team to use and configurable to meet your unique operations challenges.

A safe, enterprise-grade platform

Our cloud-based, SaaS solution is certified to meet the highest standards of security and reliability.

A wealth of data for deeper insights

See your data visualised in context. So you can reduce cost, time and labour expenses with faster insight into your productivity, spending and more.

Increased value of investment

Streamline processes, reduce costs and extend the life of assets and equipment.

Document management

Attach documents to assets, work orders and compliance tasks via PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and plain text files.

Robust data and deeper insights

Gain clarity into your energy consumption, understand your current and historical utility spending, and identify opportunities for energy cost savings.

Continuous innovation

Your feedback is used to continuously improve and optimise our software solutions.

Implementation and integration

We’re with you every step of the way, right from the start. We guide your implementation and help with software integrations.

Our legendary support

We’re always here for you whenever you need us — contact us via phone, email or chat.

A true, strategic partnership

Our dedicated Client Service Centre teams help ensure you’re meeting your energy goals and objectives.

Industry-specific solutions to help you do the best work of your life


Ready to protect your community's essential infrastructure?

See how Assetic can help manage your infrastructure assets, increase efficiency, satisfy compliance and optimise spending.