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Assisting over 200 Local Government, State and Federal agencies across Australia with optimising their infrastructure investment and delivering sustainable services to their communities.

Enterprise asset management tools that drive efficiency and productivity
Make better decisions

Transform the way you manage your assets and simplify your processes.

Serve communities

The smart, cost-effective way to manage your public infrastructure assets.

Predict the future

Accurately predict the future health of assets utilising data-driven evidence to make better decisions.

Better manage capital works

Spatially align your projects by year and budget.

Smart Communities

Utilise leading IoT technology to enable and manage your assets in an intelligent way.

Maintain & Manage

Whether you are an asset inspector in the field or an executive in the boardroom, gain total visibility with a single platform for all your asset information.

Plan & Optimise

Whether you are an asset inspector in the field or an executive in the boardroom, gain total visibility with a single platform for all your asset information.

Sustain & Engage

Off the shelf sustainability and financial reporting at your fingertips.

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Our solutions have supported governments of all sizes over the years

For more than 20 years, our asset management solutions and expertise have helped local authories of all sizes realise greater efficiencies than they ever thought possible. 


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Trusted Partners

Simplified processes and streamlined workflows are only the start

We do more than cheer for you from the sidelines. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure you can better manage your existing operations, while also collaborating to integrate with other related systems. 

Success Story

City of Salisbury: The road to digital maturity

James Corletto, Team Leader, Strategic Asset Management
Adelaide, Australia

Because of the near real-time tracking of status, jobs don’t fall through the cracks and our community see better outcomes. If we aren’t able to complete an enquiry within the 10-day window, we can use the integration between Confirm and our Customer Request Management system to send the citizen a message with the status of their request.

City of Salisbury
Team Leader, Strategic Asset Management
Success Story

City of Sydney turns to Confirm™ to help steer course to sustainability

City of Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

"The combination of data consolidation, back-end integration, and the workflow improvements made possible by Brightly Confirm Workzone and Confirm Connect are creating time efficiencies that translate into lower costs and improved levels of service."

City of Sydney
City of Sydney
Staff Member
Success Story

City of Victor Harbor meets longterm needs with Brightly Assetic

City of Victor Harbor
Victor Harbor, Australia

City of Victor Harbor initially embarked on a journey for the installation of a modernised maintenance solution to enable a paperless, instant, in-field process – to efficiently respond to Customer Requests, and collect and document all information in the construction and maintenance of our assets. Not only has this goal been achieved but now we can apply true insights from this maintenance activity, mapping hotspots, preplanning preventative maintenance, efficiently completing WHS compliance documents in the field, and provide transparent reporting to Auditors and Council.

Victor Harbor
Asset Officer

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