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Why you need a sustainability data management software solution

Sustainability has reached a tipping point in nearly every industry around the globe. Organizations across public and private sectors in manufacturing, commercial real estate, cities/counties, infrastructure alike are being challenged to set and deliver on aggressive net-zero emissions targets and to drive results via ESG initiatives. Regulators and shareholders are driving investment and accountability. Without data-driven solutions to illuminate energy consumption and waste, it is not possible to effectively manage energy consumption and environmental impact.

Brightly’s sustainability and energy solutions enable operations professionals to achieve their environmental goals by:

Sustainability and Energy Solutions for Smarter Assets

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Energy Manager™

Manage your energy and utilities with our powerful, cloud-based, energy management software that can help your organization save 20% or more.

Take the hard work out of saving energy

Energy Manager brings your utility bills and data together on one main dashboard. And that means it’s easier to see cost-saving opportunities and ways to make adjustments that result in greater conservation.

Get a firm grip on your energy data

Go beyond utility bill accounting and benefit from near real-time utility data collection, measurement and verification of capital projects. And track and compare historical usage data and buildings.

Report on carbon emissions and more

Use simple tools to configure views, reports, search and graphs. So you can create visualized reports on use/cost, carbon emissions, budget data, utility billing information and weather.

Track and measure conservation ROI

Give your team the tools to measure ROI on capital projects, create checklists for walkthroughs and special events – like shutdown procedures – or track energy maintenance issues.

Always know your ENERGY STAR rating

Energy Manager syncs with Energy Star, meaning you can see your rating on the main dashboard alongside a high-level view of trends, cost and usage and historic utility data.

Stream Dashboard


Take control of your utility and ESG data to drive results against carbon reduction and sustainability goals across individual properties and your entire portfolio.

Apply energy efficiency measures in real time

Set and act on resource reduction targets by leveraging real-time and predictive analytics

Prepare for emission disclosure requirements

Gain access to quality utility and ESG data to confidently approach government regulated or industry leading disclosures

Set strategic net zero targets

Activate tools to set and track emission reduction targets per building or across your portfolio

Bring transparency into sustainability

Report to stakeholders with robust capabilities including Stream’s sustainability data management system

Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools Client Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools
Des Moines, Iowa, US

9-Year ENERGY STAR award winner Des Moines Public Schools uses Brightly for $20M+ in savings

“We use Energy Manager as a concise place that has all our data. Spreadsheets and things like that are difficult to manage. Having everything in one spot has proven to be a valuable thing for us. It allows us to quickly understand our utility usage and costs.”

$20M saved and prevented 40K metric tons of CO2 emissions
des moines
Energy & Environmental Specialist, DMPS

Iredell County, NC saves $10,000 on a single building in one year

"I found where consumption was increasing in vacant buildings due to improper controls settings and failing equipment. Because we were monitoring our utility use, we quickly caught these things. In one case, such issues in one building could have cost us over $7,000 a year."

15% reduction in county utility expenses


iredell county
Energy Coordinator, Iredell County, NC

Kenton County School District saves millions in energy costs since 2005

"Brightly gives you a very simple and easy-to-use tool to combine all your energy management efforts. You can track energy costs and usage. You can follow your IDR (interval data recording). You can create checklists. You can use it to track the progress on a different types of energy management projects - and it's all located in one software.

$15M+ in energy costs saved since 2005

kenton schools
Energy Systems Coordinator, Kenton County School District

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