Asset Health

Always know the true health of your assets

You have limited budget and are faced with tough choices when it comes to making decisions on what to replace and what to defer.

Origin was designed to leverage your existing CMMS data to give you real-time asset health updates, so you know exactly where in your asset portfolio to focus your maintenance budget.

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Don’t risk asset failure – get strategic

Focus on the assets that need attention, mitigate risks of asset failure and know the impact associated with aging assets for a data-driven, strategic approach to asset management.

Asset Record

Use Origin for insights to optimize your facilities budget

Know the true cost of deferring maintenance with models that depict the impact of cutting or increasing labor spend to keep facilities operating at peak performance without overspending.

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How Origin can help you

Brightly Origin™ helps you improve your strategic asset management (SAM) by helping you prove capital spending through predictive modeling, using real-time asset data. Prove funding requests and assess risks to your asset health based on various funding scenarios and deferred maintenance requests. Mitigate asset risk by focusing budget dollars on critical assets, all while leveraging the largest database in operations to compare operations using real benchmarking data.

Know the true health of your assets

With the largest database in operations, you can predict long-term asset health with asset-specific benchmarking and maintenance data. Use Origin and you will always know the health of everything in your asset portfolio.

Don’t risk asset failure – get strategic

Plan for long-term success by ensuring you avoid asset failure. Use the built-in risk ranking that shows the impact associated with aging assets and visualize repair versus replace decisions.

Leverage CMMS data

Pull work order and preventive maintenance data from any computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and use it to modify expected useful asset life in real time. Maintain an accurate picture of your asset portfolio at all times.

Optimize your facility budget

Prove funding requests with visuals and metrics that clearly outline budget needs, up to 30 years into the future, ensuring long-term success. Understand the impact of deferred maintenance and improve both your asset risk management and your budget.

Plan for future costs

Execute capital projects with ease by using our built-in project tool, incorporating all associated costs with a collaborative and full-picture approach, eliminating guesswork associated with capital project planning.

Detailed reporting options

Understand how your organization stacks up in your industry by using Origin’s detailed reporting options, including KPI’s and benchmarking, to help mitigate risk and optimize labor resources.

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Optimize your labor and capital resources with Origin

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Strategic asset management for your industry


Improving uptime and efficiency are on the top of every manufacturer’s mind. Origin combines software and hands-on engineering services to assist the facility manager with identifying asset risk effectively, modeling future investments, and optimizing capital spend. Know the exact health for each asset based upon key factors such as age, condition, wear, maintenance history, and repair needs. Make data-driven decisions to reduce risk and costly downtime, prioritize annual capital budgeting needs, and model future investments.



Aging facilities, including public, private, and higher education institutions, are causing headaches for facilities professionals. Funding is few and far between, meaning every dollar needs to have an impact on the long-term health of your asset portfolio. Provide a comfortable environment for teachers and students to thrive with Origin, the world-class strategic asset management solution that helps you make data-driven decisions and reduce risks on long-term capital planning.



Ensure doctors are set up for success and they have everything they need to provide world-class care. Validate preventive maintenance to prove facility quality and meet Medicare and Medicaid maintenance requirements to continue eligibility in both programs. Prove compliance to The Joint Commission, improve patient safety, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize labor hours with a validated, built-in alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) tool.

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Senior Living

Resident satisfaction is tied closely to the state of your facilities. Provide a comfortable environment and spend money wisely to keep your facilities in pristine condition for years to come. Prove compliance to The Joint Commission, improve patient safety, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize labor hours with a validated, built-in AEM tool. Create a long-term strategic asset management plan that benefits your organization and your residents.

What can you expect from partnering with us?

Easy-to-use, configurable solutions

Configurable, easy-to-use tools

Origin is easy for your whole team to use and configurable to meet your unique operations challenges.

A safe, enterprise-grade platform

Our cloud-based, SaaS solution is certified to meet the highest standards of security and reliability.

A wealth of data for deeper insights

See your data visualized in context. So you can reduce cost, time and labor expenses with faster insight into your productivity, spending and more.

Increased value of investment

Streamline processes, reduce costs and extend the life of assets and equipment.

Document management

Attach documents to assets, work orders and compliance tasks via PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and plain text files.

Robust data and deeper insights

Gain clarity into your energy consumption, understand your current and historical utility spending, and identify opportunities for energy cost savings.

Continuous innovation

Your feedback is used to continuously improve and optimize our software solutions.

Our legendary support

We’re always here for you whenever you need us — contact us via phone, email or chat.

A true, strategic partnership

Our dedicated Client Service Center teams help ensure you’re meeting your energy goals and objectives.

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Take a tour of our strategic asset management solution

See how Origin can help streamline your operations, increase efficiencies, and lower costs.

Strategic asset management FAQs

What is strategic asset management?

Strategic asset management (SAM) is an established approach to asset management for long-term planning for maintenance and operations. Instead of managing assets according to available budgets and guessing at their future needs, strategic asset management leverages condition data to help make strategic decisions based on potential risks, asset health, and more. Ensure critical assets are protected and your organization is set up for long-term success with strategic management software from Brightly.

Who can benefit from strategic asset management?

Asset managers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, senior living, and education, can benefit from strategic asset management software. By understanding the true health of your entire asset portfolio, operations professionals and facility leaders can create long-term plans that protect critical assets and save money.

What should I look for in a strategic asset management solution?

When evaluating strategic asset management solutions, there are several factors to consider. CMMS standardization and optimization allow you to align asset condition with CMMS capabilities to get critical visibility on the health of your assets. Take a risk-based approach with built-in risk ranking that ensures critical assets and those most in danger of failure get fixed first. Lastly, the right strategic asset management solution should easily report on KPI’s and benchmarking, provide easily digestible visuals, and help align stakeholders on long-term plans reaching up to 30 years in the future.