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How Predictor can help you

Predictor is the most powerful strategic asset management solution on the market. Our capital planning software uses predictive modeling and analyzes big data to model long-term funding and service scenarios. Show the impact of decision making across various criteria and asset types, including assets, asset classes, facilities, and infrastructure, powerfully displayed through tailored dashboards and reports that can be shared with a single click. Justify funding requirements and communicate compelling data-driven stories to unite business users at all levels of your organization.

Predict asset life

Leverage industry-specific algorithms and condition-based degradation profiles to maximize the long-term state of your asset portfolio.

Justify funding requests

Protect your assets by creating powerful and easily digestible visuals to show leaders the long-term impact of funding.

Compare various funding scenarios

Model funding scenarios and compare the impact they will have on your organization’s assets and infrastructure health.

Customize based on needs

Tailor our software to handle capital project planning and strategic asset management your way, including leveraging data from multiple sources.

Make all stakeholders happy

Balance the needs of your community with funding requirements and asset health to make smarter decisions.

Create smarter budgets

Use our analytics platform to plan for a brighter future, using big data to give insight up to 100 years into the future.

Predictor Investment Forecast Dashboard

Use Cloud-Based Capital Planning Software to Manage & Improve Assets

What makes Predictor the best capital planning tool on the market? You get the best in data-driven insights, robust reporting and more in one powerful solution that aligns your organization for better operations. 

Capital Planning Software for Every Industry

Predictor was designed to meet any public sector organization’s capital planning needs with an intuitive interface, robust visuals and scenario building to maximize any budget type. 


Governments are responsible for complex asset portfolios. You need credible, defendable data to justify funding allocation, including stimulus, and future funding requirements. Legislative and industry pressures to report on the fair value of assets rather than the historical cost in asset depreciation are changing the game. Many of your assets are rapidly approaching, or may already be beyond, the end of life. How do you balance asset health, capital and maintenance activity, service delivery and stay in budget?

Get the funding your government body needs to protect assets for its community. Sound simple? With Predictor, it can be. Build sophisticated strategies and tell simple yet compelling stories, backed by data, that will resonate with stakeholders. By modeling long-term funding and service scenarios, you can show the impact of decision making and funding scenarios on your government infrastructure and assets. Create a brighter future and do more for your community when you use Predictor for your government capital planning!


In education, your number one asset is your students. To provide the best learning opportunities and attract new students, you need to not only maintain your assets but also manage renovations and new construction. Building state-of-the-art research facilities, residence halls and other campus buildings can go a long way in attracting new students. How do you maintain and improve your educational facilities with unreliable state appropriations and strict budget requirements?

Make every dollar count and build toward a brighter future for students and faculty alike with Predictor. Shift to a service-driven approach with data-driven strategies that inform investment decision makers of the impact of their decisions. Click and share succinct, powerful reports with stakeholders across departments. Invest your well-deserved funding into upgrades and repairs that not only make financial sense but that will help attract new students to your educational institution.

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Capital Planning Software FAQs

What is capital planning?

Capital planning goes by many names, including asset invest planning, strategic asset management, capital improvement planning and more. Capital planning is the process of budget allocation across facilities to plan for growth and preservation of facilities and infrastructure. Usually reserved for data analysts, capital planning is becoming an increasingly important aspect of operational leaders’ scope as they aim to preserve their asset portfolio.


What is capital planning software?

Capital planning software allows facilities executives to allocate budgets and request funding based on facility and asset condition and organizational needs, using forecasting and modeling designed to interpret future capital expenditures. Using historical data and leveraging from the world’s largest operational database, capital planning software from Brightly gives you confidence you are directing funding to the right places.

Why do you need capital planning software?

Capital planning software uses algorithms that can analyze large data sets quickly to provide insights into otherwise stagnant data. These solutions are necessary to reduce planning time and improve accuracy on forecasting budgets for future cycles. As infrastructure and facilities age, it’s important you get the most out of every dollar to maintain optimal performance.

Who can benefit from capital planning software?

Public institutions, including schools and local governments, benefit greatly from using capital planning software. In a world where raising money for capital projects can be a challenge and where your portfolio is only getting older by the day, every decision you make today is crucial. Using predictive analytics tools like Predictor can offer glimpses into the future and ensure the path you’re traveling leads to success.

What should I look for in a capital planning software solution?

The right capital planning software provides prediction modeling on various levels, including asset type or component, all while providing visualizations that make information easy to digest. Furthermore, you should look for comparison reporting to be able to show the impact of various funding scenarios. Last, look for a solution that is cloud-based and features live data and reporting, like Predictor!

Predictor SAM Savings Report Screen

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Go beyond traditional capital budgeting software and capital planning solutions: See how quickly you can turn today’s data into service- and budget-optimized strategies.