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Helping Sustainability Teams with their journey towards net-zero emissions

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How Stream can help you

Sustainability and facilities leaders turn to Brightly Stream to manage utility costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and reach net zero emissions across their properties. Using the Stream software platform and expert consulting services, organizations gain deep understanding of their buildings operations, scale their sustainability operations, make data-driven decisions to meet their Net Zero buildings’ goals and simplify their reporting and compliance efforts.

Automated data collection

Consumption and rates directly sourced from utility bills ensuring data is accurate, investor-grade and easily accessible from a single source

Advanced Analytics

Zero in on poor performing properties through comprehensive benchmarking to gain insights and identify where to apply the necessary resources to reduce operating costs and improve the buildings’ emissions

Effectively engage stakeholders

Stream’s built-in survey tool allows you to engage your property team and centralize building information and documentation. like Certifications, Audits, and Capital Plans

Simplify sustainability reporting and disclosure

Leverage a single source of truth for quality ESG data to report with confidence to government-mandated and industry best practice disclosure programs such as GRESB, Energy Start Portfolio Program and others

Achieve Net Zero by 2050 or earlier

Define the programs required to reduce your environmental footprint and assess their across your portfolio by leveraging real-time and predictive analytics

Partner with Brightly’s Sustainability Consultants

Our broad understanding of energy, water, waste, and GHG (carbon) emissions specific to commercial buildings positions us as a full-service provider who can help you make the best decisions for your enterprise

“Having a tool like Stream provides a single point of truth for energy and carbon usage so we can see how we’re benchmarking and how we can plan for the future.”

Royal Centre

David Basford

David Basford, Royal Centre Property Manager for Warrington PCI


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Your dream team for going green

Companies looking to meet sustainability goals can often feel alone and lost on the journey to reach net zero. With Stream, you get our powerful software, combined with expertise to help transform your operations. Have a team by your side to guide you on how you can cut utility costs and help increase your portfolio value.

Stream Utliity

Streamline utility bill data management and unlock savings.

A robust utilities account system represents the cornerstone of utilities procurement, utilities management, carbon reduction targeting and ESG reporting. Managing utility bills from multiple sources is complex and time-consuming. Allow Stream to to automate data entry and validation allowing you to focus your time and resources on more strategic energy management tasks.

With Stream you can quickly uncover energy inefficiencies, spot peak demand periods, and pinpoint energy conservation opportunities. You can focus on implementing targeted energy efficiency programs, benchmarking at the building or portfolio level and driving down utility bill costs.

Net Zero

Build your path to Net Zero

Net Zero emissions transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Stream empowers sustainability teams and building managers to leverage their data to assess their Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as implement a decarbonization plan.

Using the Zero-Carbon Targets module, you can define carbon reduction opportunities, analyze their efficacy, activate the selected strategies, track their performance over time and see their impact on your net zero targets.


Automate and standardize your sustainability reporting

Streamline your sustainability reporting process by integrating directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and organizing the data for GRESB, LEED Arc, BOMA BEST, and other reporting frameworks. Take advantage of Stream’s built-in Sustainability  Survey and Meter Reader mobile application to collect data from your team directly into Stream and use the data to report progress on initiatives at the property or portfolio level.

Fine Tune

Take the next step. Fine tune building operations and simplify cost recoveries

Leverage your real-time building automation system data to optimize building performance through fault detection and diagnostics, and/or submeter data to support cost allocation and year-end recoveries.


Leverage +23 Years of sustainability consulting

Brightly’s sustainability consultants have been helping major Commercial Real Estate (CRE) firms, schools and governmental buildings managers reduce utility consumption and costs, plan and disclose their energy and carbon performance, and achieve green build excellence via third-party recognition. Portfolio of buildings with Stream and Brightly consulting services use an average of 20 % less energy.

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