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IoT for Smarter Asset Management

Facility and operations managers in every industry are challenged with high turnover and limited maintenance budgets. Maintaining assets and staying on top of their condition to get ahead of breakdowns with limited resources can seem impossible.

Ready to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) remote monitoring to accelerate your predictive maintenance? Brightly’s Smart Assets for Asset Essentials™ is the IoT solution that helps you monitor and manage your assets remotely and ensure you’re notified when something is wrong. Save time and money with the easy-to-use IoT platform that helps you catch issues early and shift toward a proactive maintenance approach. 

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IoT Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Using IoT to build more efficient operations is simple. Monitor trends in your assets’ operation like temperature, voltage, air flow, and more that extend the life of your assets. Boost your maintenance efficiency by automatically generating work orders with custom thresholds that warn of anomalies in your assets so you can react before catastrophic failure.

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Powerful yet Simple

With Smart Assets, you don’t need to try to boil the ocean. IoT can seem complex, but we’ve simplified monitoring and analytics to be a breeze. Leveraging IoT to monitor your most critical assets is the easiest way to optimize your resources while prolonging the life of your assets.

It’s amazing to see pictures of what’s actually happening on that equipment. We can see what we’re loading and in some cases, overloading. All the additional data we’re gathering allows us to paint a picture or diagnose a problem.

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It’s time to start leveraging IoT remote monitoring to accelerate your predictive maintenance.

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