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Brightly, a Siemens company, is the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions – because we know that smarter assets drive more sustainable communities.​ Brightly pairs its complete suite of intuitive software - including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability and Community Engagement - with tailored consultancies and award-winning support services to light the way to a bright future where we can all thrive. 


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Special announcement

Dude Solutions is now Brightly

After more than two decades, Dude Solutions changed its name to Brightly in March 2022. The acquisitions of Assetic and Confirm in 2020 took the company global, and Energy Profiles Ltd. and Facility Health Inc. were added to the company in 2021. Brightly was acquired by Siemens in August 2022.

Our industry and our clients are changing fast. Technology is evolving rapidly. Regulatory compliance is getting more challenging. The health of global infrastructure is high on agendas. Real-time asset data is necessary to survive in today's world. Sustainable assets are becoming an even more essential part of how our world works. The world around us is evolving in ways many of us could have never imagined.

With this change, our clients are expected to be smarter, faster, more connected, more predictive. They are being held more accountable for how, when and where to invest their time and money - all with an eye to the short- and long-term. We see this change. We feel this change. We are living this change.

And so, as we expand our vision and solutions to help our clients navigate through this change, we knew we needed a brand as BRIGHT as the future we see in front of all of us. This brand - and our new name - will carry us into the future as it represents more of who we are as the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions.


Two Decades of Growth. Ten Acquisitions. One Bright Future.


SchoolDude Founded; education- focused SaaS EAM


Launch of MaintenanceDirect for work order management


Launch of Building Integration Suite


Launch of FacilityDude to expansion beyond Education vertical


Increased focus on Healthcare and Gov verticals


$100M Outside investment from Warburg Pincus


Acquisition: TheWorxHub; further expansion into Healthcare vertical


Acquisition: Mobile311; further expansion into Gov vertical


Formally introduced Dude Solutions as master brand for all markets


Acquisition: Active Data; expansion into event management


Acquisition: Smartware Group / Bigfoot Software for asset-centric EAM


Launched New Brand Identity for Dude Solutions


Acquisition: Paladin Data Systems; Government community operations


Acquisition: New Energy Technologies; expansion into energy


Dude Solutions acquired by Clearlake Capital Group


Acquisitions: Assetic & Confirm; expansion into EMEA & APAC


Acquisitions: EPL & FHI; further penetration into HC and Sustainability


Rebranded to Brightly
Acquired by Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Brightly Multi-Tool

Our Purpose

We build the intelligent software your world needs to thrive




Smarter assets, sustainable communities

​We partner with more than 12,000 clients in diverse industries across the globe so they can better manage and optimize their assets and operations through the key phases of the asset lifecycle. Our sophisticated, cloud-based platform leverages more than 20 years of data to deliver predictive insights to help our clients prevent the next flood or leak, avoid a costly power outage or equipment failure, and repair city streets and bridges when they need it most. 


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A culture we embrace

At Brightly, our culture is core to what we do – and it's built on the foundation of five values:

  • Serve proactively
  • Communicate openly
  • Create meaningfully
  • Solve collaboratively
  • Lead deliberately

Our global team is always looking to create meaningful solutions to the toughest challenges facing our world.

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Success Story
Client success stories

Our clients have achieved some incredible things partnering with us – and we love a chance to highlight their work and accomplishments.

Brightly & Siemens
Siemens acquires Brightly Software

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