Healthcare CMMS Software

Healthcare software from Brightly allows for simple management of medical assets and devices across a wide range of facilities including hospitals, physician practices, assisted living facilities and ambulatory centers. 

Why Partner with Brightly's Healthcare Software for Medical Asset Management:

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesHelp remain proactively compliant and ready for inspections
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesCut costs while improving the maintenance and care for healthcare assets and facilities
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesPrepare you for a brighter future by modeling funding and asset health
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesKeep assets viable for enhanced patient care
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Ensure a safe, healthy & compliant environment of care

It says it right in the name of what you do—in healthcare, you care. Every detail matters and providing safe and functional healthcare facilities for the doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers to shine is your ultimate goal. Creating a compliance program and making sure your healthcare facilities are up to standards doesn’t have to be hard.

TheWorxHub is your all-in-one compliance manager.

Simply use the user-friendly, cloud-based mobile app to easily:

  • Store and maintain compliance code
  • Track progress on compliance-related maintenance tasks
  • Stay on top of inspections and keep your assets safe
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Optimize hospital maintenance workflow

Working efficiently allows your hospital to see more patients and provide better care. Healthcare asset tracking and management is complex, especially across medical facilities. On top of working with sometimes complex medical equipment, hospital maintenance and operations teams have to work to remain compliant.

Make the logistics of your hospital operations simple by trusting Brightly TheWorxHub™ as your asset management system of choice.

When you deploy our  healthcare cmms software at your hospital, you can:

  • Easily manage work orders, assets, compliance tasks, preventive maintenance, inventory and security rounds
  • Leverage user-friendly tools to help with risk assessments and preventive maintenance workflows
  • Optimize operations, close gaps and identify challenges early, before they become a problem
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Move from reactive to strategic medical asset management

Brightly Origin is an all-in-one asset health and capital planning system that helps you gain better visibility into your asset portfolio and shift to a strategic asset managment approach. Take control of your asset health and capital projects with data-driven insights that align your entire healthcare organization. 

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Streamline biomedical equipment management

For clinical engineers and technicians, maintaining biomedical equipment should be a smooth and straightforward process, allowing them to focus on what they do best. The unfortunate reality is that without the right management software, maintaining compliance and caring for equipment eats into their ability to help provide care. Create efficient, standardized processes across facilities and take the pain out of caring for biomedical equipment with the help of TheWorxHub.

Set your team up for success and work efficiently in your healthcare facilities.

Adding TheWorxHub allows you to:

  • Automate tasks and create workflows to proactively remain compliant
  • Store important files and information necessary to care for equipment in a centralized location
  • Increase uptime in key biomedical equipment with smarter maintenance
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Control your hospital’s energy usage

Providing affordable care for your patients is a complex challenge. For many healthcare organizations, utility bills are one of their top expenses with what feels like no path forward to savings. Not anymore. Brightly Energy Manager™, our world-class energy management software, gives you the insight necessary to identify utility waste and cut costs on utility bills. Adding it to your healthcare operations will help drive down costs so you can pass the savings onto your patients. 

On top of identifying utility waste, Energy Manager helps you save money and work more efficiently.

  • Automate bill entry to save time and easily gain insight on utility usage across facilities
  • Track historical usage data and create smarter budgets
  • Monitor carbon emissions and measure the return on investment on energy-saving capital projects
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Leverage budgets for the long-term

Planning for future success is an uphill battle when you don’t know the true impact of today’s decision on the long-term health of equipment and facilities. Brightly Origin™, our world-class strategic asset management and asset health solution, provides strategic insight into facilities, assets and resources to help you determine where you should focus funds.

Once you understand the true cost of deferred maintenance, you can build smart budgets that preserve your important assets and set you up for long-term success.

Additionally, you gain:

  • Risk ranking ability to help prioritize repairs and inspections
  • Real-time data on the health of assets
  • Confidence you are investing money in the right places
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Improve Hospital Efficiency with our Asset Management Suite of Tools

While controlling costs will always matter to every organization, hospitals have a unique focus on people over profits. Finding ways to work more efficiently and save money while not sacrificing care can be a struggle. From asset tracking solutions to ones aimed at creating a more sustainable environment, Brightly creates powerful healthcare cmms software that improves hospital efficiency, saves money and plans for a brighter future.


Hospitals primary focus is providing the best care possible for patients. Caring for patients starts with remaining compliant and ensuring the crucial equipment and systems you rely on, as well as the facilities themselves, are operating efficiently. 

Work smarter, not harder, by leveraging the power of TheWorxHub to streamline your hospital’s operations. By partnering with our world-class facility management software, your operations team can cut costs with smarter maintenance, improve compliance processes, easily manage risk assessments, build smarter budgets and save time by automating tasks.

Energy Manager

With care at the top of your mind and complex medical equipment needing to be ready at a moment’s notice, saving on your energy bill might not always be top of mind. Finding ways to provide more affordable care has become a challenge for most working in healthcare.

By identifying energy waste, Energy Manager helps you drive down costs and save money. Compare performance across facilities and get help tracking your sustainability efforts with carbon emission monitoring. Bolster your standing in your community and show that your compassion doesn’t stop at providing care by creating a legacy as a sustainable organization.


You might not be in the room helping patients, but your work sets doctors and nurses up for success, enabling them to provide top-notch care. Caring for the equipment you have on hand, planning for new purchases that will push your practice forward and optimizing your budget can feel like a juggling act.

Take the stress out of capital planning with Origin, our enterprise asset management system with advanced asset health modeling. By being able to predict long-term asset health, our world-class strategic asset management solution helps you understand where your dollars are best spent. Leverage work order automation and preventive maintenance to save time and money now while you create a plan that prioritizes care, a smarter budget and a brighter future.

Success Story

Hartford HealthCare wins recognition from Joint Commission for excellence in compliance documentation with Brightly’s TheWorxHub™

Hartford HealthCare
State of Connecticut

In the old days, we just walked around with a clipboard and a notepad. Documenting and following up was not easy. The software ensures compliance because it’s practically foolproof. If you have a miss on a regulatory requirement, it’s because you’re not logging in and looking. There’s no way anything can sneak up on you.

Hartford Healthcare
Facilities Manager, Hartford HealthCare
Success Story

Rural Health System Boosts Biomed and Facilities Productivity with TheWorxHub™

Quorum Health

We currently use multiple solutions, and it can get overwhelming. We needed something that would meet the needs of biomedical and facilities and could eventually add on other programs. Our technicians fell in love with the mobile app. And they’ve been pleased with the results. The feedback we’ve received so far has been wonderful.

Success Story

Rhode Island Health System Streamlines Preventive Maintenance

Care New England
New England

Preventive maintenance in hospital environments is required and audited by the Joint Commission and keeping up with individual work orders, “is the backbone of preventive maintenance,” says Griffin Lausier, manager of engineering for Care New England.

Care New England needed a streamlined system for managing and tracking work orders and ongoing maintenance across its facilities, along with real-time visibility to simplify the process of creating updated reports for the Joint Commission and for internal leaders.

Success Story

Regional Health System takes the guess work out of capital planning with Origin™

Regional Health System

Healthcare systems must regularly update medical equipment, technology and facilities in order to grow. They must also maintain market share and improve patient outcomes. But with healthcare revenues dependent on government mandates and third-party payers, it’s an ongoing challenge to prioritize the updates, repairs and new projects in which to invest.

Traditionally, this regional health system handled capital planning through a manually updated spreadsheet. Facility managers knew they would only get funding for a few projects, so each facility manager presented the top five or six projects they wanted for that year to upper management. With a sprawling network of facilities, this regional health system faced challenges in identifying and prioritizing capital projects.

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Why does my healthcare organization need a computerized maintenance management system?

Healthcare organizations who are not using a computerized maintenance management system to care for their assets are relying on antiquated methods to care for their most important assets. Instead of creating preventive maintenance routines and leveraging data to work smarter, these organizations are simply waiting for assets and facilities to fail and then reacting accordingly. A computerized maintenance management system will create more efficient operations, save you money and protect the assets you rely on to care for patients. With Brightly, our software also helps you maintain compliance and ensure you pass inspections.

What type of training is available with Brightly’s Healthcare CMMS software?

Brightly knows that success requires our products going beyond just being a management solution—it means being a partner at all levels of your healthcare organization. As such, we work directly with you to ensure a smooth implementation and have both on-site and self-guided training available. Our products are backed by our legendary client support, meaning a real person will promptly answer your call or reply to your email. 

What makes Brightly’s healthcare CMMS better than other systems?

With more than two decades of experience, Brightly’s suite of asset management software, including our world-class CMMS, is built with you in mind. Our cloud-based solutions feature a user-friendly interface, meaning they are easy to use and can be accessed from nearly any smartphone. Backed with a team of experts who are always ready to help, we’re the perfect partner to protect your assets and build a sustainable community. 

How much money can hospitals save when using Brightly’s CMMS software?

The amount of money a healthcare organization can save using Brightly’s CMMS can vary based on a number of factors. By using Asset Essentials and setting up a preventive maintenance program, you can see a 63% drop in maintenance costs. Other savings can be found through automating tasks and optimizing operations. Brightly is proud to have supported $321 billion USD worth of assets and has helped thousands of clients save money. 

How long does it take for hospitals to adopt Brightly’s CMMS software?

While it may vary for each healthcare organization, adopting Brightly’s CMMS software doesn’t take much time. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and suggest the right solutions to help you meet them. Brightly’s software is both cloud-based and user-friendly, so anyone with a smartphone can get started and access the crucial information they need from anywhere. 

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Get Started with Brightly Today

Throughout the day, patients come and go, receiving care they desperately need. As they walk the halls of your healthcare facilities, they rarely recognize all of the work that goes on behind the scenes that allows for care providers to look after their community. As the unsung heroes of healthcare, your work enables so much happiness and healing to occur around you. 

Brightly is the perfect partner to help you with your critical task of maintaining healthcare facilities. From driving efficiency and bringing down costs to protecting the medical equipment your staff needs, our world-class healthcare cmms software was built to deliver results and make your job in healthcare operations and maintenance easier. Don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself. Schedule a discovery call and our legendary support team will help scope and build your custom demo. We look forward to partnering with you and building a bright future for your community!