TheWorxHub™ for Healthcare Product Overview


See how TheWorxHub™ can help healthcare operations managers improve compliance and safety, enhance data visibility, and stay on top of preventive maintenance.

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Meet TheWorxHub, a cloud-based all in one platform designed to ease the burden on healthcare operations managers while using TheWorxHub, you'll be able to improve compliance and safety, reduce the need for siloed solutions, enhance data visibility, and gain predictive insights for preventative maintenance. All in one centralized place. This platform was made specifically for the healthcare industry, and it is a lifesaver for facilities, directors, technicians, maintenance staff and patients.

TheWorxHub is packed with a ton of useful features to help your business run smoothly. There's a preventative maintenance scheduling function to help you stay on top of safety and compliance that includes built in references to joint commission and DMV requirements. And our asset management feature will enable you to have continuous access to data on every asset, getting you the info you need on mobile while you're away from your desk.

You can also take advantage of our Easy to Use Dashboard, which is great for accessing information like work orders statuses, asset inventory, industry benchmarks and site performance. Or you can even up your life safety game using our Space Management, digitizing your life safety drawings. And you can set up automated quality inspections to survey your workflows to ensure quality. Which will automatically issue a work order, if there is a problem. With all these features under one easy to use umbrella, you'll have your operation running like never before. TheWorxHub, reimagining the way you work.