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Bring out the best in your senior living community

Day-to-day efficiency means a better daily life for senior living residents. Our CMMS for senior living communities makes operations excellence possible on a single system.

Make sure your senior living community stays up to the task

Simplify your senior living operations with preventative maintenance automation, streamlined inventory management and more.


Use documentation to prove compliance quickly and track compliance-related tasks on mobile devices.

Quality Inspections

Automate resident surveys, trigger corrective action automatically and gain visibility into large-scale trends.


Use a single system to track and manage requests, schedule tasks and document infection control.

Energy Management

Track utility bills to uncover errors. And maximize energy conservation efforts and sync with ENERGY STAR®.

TheWorxHub Compliance

Smarter tools that keep your residents informed.

Designed with senior living communities in-mind, TheWorxHub is a modern, cloud-based solution that combines asset management and compliance standards into one powerful solution. Stay organized while you balance non-labor expenses and challenges, ensuring you and your teams focus on keeping residents and their families happy.

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Maintain & Manage

Coordinate and prioritize daily maintenance tasks and simplify your senior living operations without losing sight of compliance, safety or service.

Plan & Optimize

Build a better budget. With tools, real-time reporting and asset analytics that help you create an attainable capital plan and justify budget requests.

Sustain & Engage

Keep your senior living residents comfortable – while identifying wasteful energy consumption and taking total control of your utility costs.

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By the Numbers

Senior living community management that’s always up to the task

We’ve helped thousands of senior living communities simplify their operations and improve productivity. As a result, the residents are better provided the care and attention they need. And the staff is happier too.

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Trusted Partners

Depend on us to deliver performance efficiencies that surpass expectations

Senior living community large and small have used our operations, maintenance and work order software to provide a first-class resident experience. That’s because our CMMS lets you connect, prioritize and optimize your work on a single platform, efficiently and reliably.

Success Story

Glenaire Retirement Community Completes Work Orders within Two Days with Efficiencies from TheWorxHub™

Glenaire Retirement Community
Cary, North Carolina

“What I like about TheWorxHub, and all of the modules, is that you only have to go to one platform to do the various things you want to do. Instead of piece-mealing it with several companies, you have this one resource to go to, and it works.”

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Director of Facility Services Glenaire Retirement Community
Success Story

Riverview Retirement Client Success Story

Riverview Retirement — Cory Noble, Maintenance & Security Director
Spokane, Washington

Riverview Retirement gains efficiencies with cloud-based solution for work order management

“We went paperless about five years ago, and now all of my guys carry mobile devices. The challenge we had before was they had to come back to the shop and get paperwork orders. Now that we have Brightly, I don’t see them as often – which is good! That means we are getting stuff done.”

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Maintenance & Security Director, Riverview Retirement

Clark Retirement Community Revolutionizes Workflow and Reporting With New Mobile System

“To quickly (at a glance) have proof or data regarding really anything, like the care we give our residents, whether it is maintenance, room bookings, etc. is very important.”

Jeff Smith
Facilities Coordinator, Clark Retirement Community
Maint Satisfaction

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