New Tools and Elder Care: Smarter Asset Management for Senior Living Communities

2 minutes

Diverse needs, diverse challenges

When you consider senior living communities, there can be many different elements: communal areas, individual residencies, high-usage equipment, and more. This means that the maintenance and operations (M&O) departments tasked with the care of these grounds and the assets on them have a lot to cover.

From individual work orders, assets, and health & safety tasks to preventive maintenance, inventory, and security rounds, the task lists are long, while the nuances of the jobs are complex. Without the correct tools for the job, it can’t be easy to look after a senior living community and keep it running smoothly.

For M&O teams, investing in the right technology can make all the difference. Asset management solutions designed specifically for senior living can give maintenance professionals the insight, organization, and tools necessary to optimize operations to foster healthy communities for residents and staff.

To illuminate how a modern solution like Brightly TheWorxHub™ can help facilities managers and their teams promote resident health and safety while maximizing their operations, we’ve gathered the top questions you should ask when choosing an operations management solution for this exact scenario, including:

I. How can this solution help drive my community’s reputation?

2. How can this solution help increase on-the-go mobility of my facilities team?

3. How can the solution grow to meet the growing demands of your residents?

4. How will this drive more informed decisions?

Download this guide to learn more about how Brightly's suite of solutions can help your Senior Living community stay on top of resident preferences to support satisfaction, boost margins with smarter maintenance that prolongs asset life, build smarter budgets with ease using data and builtinreports, and improve communication throughout the community while optimizing operations.