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Your community is growing and citizens and businesses desire to be more connected than ever. With the information era well underway, a transparent push and pull of communication is a requirement, not a request. Citizens want to be able to simply and seamlessly file for permits and monitor status. Teachers, coaches and local citizens want to be able to schedule an event in their gym or rec hall while keeping the community informed. To keep up with this two-way conversation, you need connected tools that enable seamless engagement to keep your community connected. 

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Brightly’s community development and event solutions help you to:

  • Streamline communications for more efficient and effective sharing of information 
  • Improve community experience through consistent and transparent engagement 
  • Simplify historically time-consuming tasks like scheduling an event, requesting a permit or applying for a business license 

Community Engagement for connected communities

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Event Manager

Our facility scheduling and event management software makes scheduling, organizing, promoting and recovering costs from events and facility rentals a breeze for your busy team.

Schedule, organize and promote events

Events have a lot of moving pieces – and they can crash into each other if not properly managed. Event Manager makes it easier to schedule, organize, promote and recover costs from events and facility rentals.

Gain visibility over event requests

Event Manager delivers tools on a single cloud-based platform. So you and your team will manage all public and private event requests, location availability and event activity in one location, together.

Build reports based on feedback

Customize surveys and gather feedback from the people using your facilities. Build templates and aggregate your data over time from repeated surveys to analyze and report your findings.

Simplify invoicing and payment

Take complexity out of sending invoices and tracking down payments. Event Manager gives you the tools to create, send and track invoices quickly and efficiently. And it lays the foundation for online payments.

Streamline event approval

Easily customize how certain event requests get approved and ensure event satisfaction with better communication, coordination and collaboration between service providers.

Make requests easier for everyone

Give people in your community a portal they can use to submit and manage their event requests for facilities.

Event Manager
Success Story

Franklin County, Ohio Success Story

Franklin County, Ohio
Franklin County, Ohio, US

Consider a solution that keeps things simple for both customers and staff – Brightly has proved this to us with SmartGov 

Jonathan Lee
GIS Manager, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning
Success Story

District Uses Data from Key Performance Indicators to Recover Event Costs

Bellingham Public Schools
Bellingham, Massachusetts, US

Bellingham Public Schools recovers thousands of dollars in lost revenue from after-hour events

"Ultimately, the improved after-hour system caused rental revenue to raise from $57,000 to a projected $80,600 in 2015, 76% of which has already been collected."

$50K in lost revenue calculated and recovered. 

Facility Use Coordinator, Bellingham Public Schools

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