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Engage communities and stakeholders with relevant asset-centric information and intelligence


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Facilities management is no longer a back-office function. With the information era well underway, a transparent push and pull of communication is a requirement, not a request. Citizens want to be able to simply and seamlessly file for permits and monitor status. To keep up with this two-way conversation, you need connected tools that enable seamless engagement across key stakeholders.

Brightly’s community engagement solutions enable operations professionals to:

  • Streamline communications for more efficient and effective sharing of information
  • Improve community experience through consistent and transparent engagement
  • Simplify historically time-consuming tasks like scheduling an event, requesting a permit or submitting for a license.

Digital platform for connecting communities with assets

Confirm Highway


All-in-one enterprise asset management solution to store and manage your public infrastructure assets, providing real-time insight you need to make decisions fast.

Engagement Management

Proactive engagement with the community to remove failure demand.

Operate with greater transparency

With connected assets, your community can submit queries and stay up to date with planned works. 

Gain insight needed to plan effectively

Visualise your data to determine the most effective asset maintenance strategies. Interactive maps and graphs display asset condition, forecasted over time based on various budget and treatment options. 

Improved perception

Alignment of community interaction to asset-centric processes improves perception  and outcomes.

Manage your budgets and measure performance

With a predefined dashboard and reporting tools at your disposal, you’ll see how your maintenance and operations measure up to KPIs. Meanwhile, charts and graphs help you visualise budget spending.

Speak your community's language

Harnessing channel-shift and aligning processes reduces cost and duplication of effort.

Success Story

From road repair to smart lighting, the City of Edinburgh Council is driving cost savings

The City of Edinburgh Council
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Consolidating data on so many different asset types in one location helps the City of Edinburgh Council

"You can see key measures at a glance. The value of having all of our information in one place is huge for driving service improvement and for meeting our efficiency targets."

Head of Place Management, The City of Edinburgh Council
Success Story

Dorset Council fast- tracks highway maintenance by deploying a mobile asset management solution

Dorset Council
Dorset, United Kingdom

Dorset Council fast - tracks highway maintenance

"Brightly creates quality in contract meetings and enables continuous improvement of operations. What I like about the Confirm solution is that Brightly is always wanting to move forward. That’s immensely important for us as customers. With the previous paper-based process, it took six to eight weeks for works records to be entered into the system. The same data records are available within Brightly Confirm approximately 45 seconds after the works are completed on the ground."

Service Delivery Manager
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