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Experience matters & we have plenty of it. Our platform of asset management tools help you keep your asset performing better - longer. Leverage data-driven tools to maintain smarter, not harder. 

Brightly offers world-class asset management software that will help you:

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesOptimize how you manage your assets
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesInformed decision-making with data
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesMaximize Equipment Availability
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesCapture tribal knowledge

“Having a platform that’s backed by a supportive client success team has been tremendous. Asset Essentials is all about implementation and adoption. It’s easy for new users to get up to speed, and the learning is transferable. ”

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Kirk Patton

Director of Operations, ASM Global


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The Brightly Platform for Manufacturing
Brightly Platform
Asset Essentials™ - Maintenance Management

The last CMMS you’ll ever need: A mobile app your team will enjoy using day-to-day, while you know your decisions are backed by our included analytics. 

Asset Essentials
Smart Assets – Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring gone wireless. You can’t be everywhere at once. Leverage sensors or process data to derive insights into asset health. Reduce the paper routes, focus on skilled tasks. 

Smart Assets
Origin™ – Strategic Asset Management

Assets don’t degrade in a straight-line. Leverage your CMMS data to influence optimal Asset Investment Planning (AIP). Factor Risk and Expected life to minimize accumulated deferred Maintenance.

Stream™ – Energy & Sustainability

Measure and benchmark your Facilities utility consumption, manage energy improvement plans to reduce carbon footprint and track Sustainability KPIs. 

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With every production run, you put more wear and tear on your equipment. Without a CMMS, your maintenance team doesn’t have access to data to tell them if equipment is performing poorly or when it needs to be serviced. In a world where unplanned downtime can make or break you, it’s time to get smarter with your maintenance strategy.

With over two decades of experience, Brightly has helped manufacturers around the world get the most out of their assets. Our powerful software can help your team cut costs while maintaining quality standards and minimizing unplanned downtime. Don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself. Schedule a discovery call and our legendary support team will help scope and build your custom demo. We look forward to partnering with you and building a bright future for your organization!