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A CMMS helps with operations and maintenance management by streamlining work order tracking, scheduling preventive maintenance, managing assets and inventory, generating reports, leading to improved productivity and cost-effective maintenance practices.

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Work Order Management

CMMS allows users to create, track, and manage work orders for maintenance tasks. It helps streamline the process by automating work order creation, assigning tasks to technicians, and tracking their progress.

  • Efficient Work Order Creation and Tracking
  • Streamlined Assignment and Scheduling
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring and Communication
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Improved Maintenance Efficiency

By centralizing maintenance data, providing real-time insights, and facilitating effective communication among maintenance teams, Brightly's CMMS enhances collaboration and accountability, leading to improved maintenance efficiency and overall operational performance. 

  • Streamlines maintenance processes, automating tasks and reducing downtime
  • Enables efficient work order generation, scheduling, and tracking
  • Maximizes equipment uptime and improves overall maintenance productivity
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Better Inventory Management

Our CMMS allows organizations to track and manage spare parts and inventory levels more effectively. 

  • Provides real-time visibility into spare parts and inventory levels.
  • Tracks consumption patterns and triggers reordering when stock is low.
  • Reduces costs by minimizing excess or obsolete inventory and ensuring availability of required parts.
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Operations Cost Savings

By improving maintenance efficiency, optimizing asset performance, and reducing downtime, Brightly's CMMS helps organizations save costs.

  • Reduces emergency repairs and associated costs.
  • Optimizes labor and inventory management, minimizing expenses.
  • Maximizes operational productivity, leading to cost savings in the long run.

CMMS for smarter maintenance & operations

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Asset Essentials

Our next-generation enterprise work and asset management platform means smarter and more efficient maintenance and operations.

Keep an eye on every moving part

When you use a CMMS, you gain a quick understanding into what maintenance work needs to be done and when. Prioritize and schedule preventive maintenance tasks. And boost your productivity and asset management processes.

Operate with greater intelligence

Unite data points from your assets across all components and facilities onto a single CMMS platform. So you can make smarter, more informed decisions that pay off in the short and long term.

Use preventative and predictive maintenance

Realize the full potential of preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance. Asset Essentials helps you know the most cost-effective and productive way to manage, repair and replace your assets.

See equipment costs over time

Track your spending with meter data and asset repair history, so you can see your total cost of ownership and respond accordingly.

Manage your budgets and measure performance

With a predefined dashboard and reporting tools at your disposal, you’ll see how your maintenance and operations measure up to KPIs in our maintenance management software. Meanwhile, charts and graphs help you visualize budget spending.

Make workflow management work for you

Create reactive, corrective, predictive and preventative maintenance work orders while also prioritizing, scheduling and managing tasks based on asset, location or technician.

Asset Essentials
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Our cloud-based CMMS streamlines facility maintenance and operations – so you can connect, prioritize and optimize tasks that result in better care.

A CMMS that streamlines care

Healthcare providers and senior living facilities want to deliver the best possible care. TheWorxHub™ enables you to achieve the maintenance and operations efficiencies necessary to deliver it.

Simplify your operations

Quickly see which tasks need to get done immediately – and prioritize them. Open the lines of communication between your team and staff. And delegate work across mobile devices.

Integrate with compliance reports

Maintain full compliance without adding any additional processes. With mobile technology, you’ll gain near real-time data and create the documentation that proves your compliance.

Optimize your energy use

Manage your energy and utilities, track energy-saving initiatives and take fast action to identify waste and improve your facility’s sustainability.

Ensure a safe environment for all

Complete Environment of Care and life safety rounds on mobile devices. Proactively identify hazards or potential non-compliance. And always be prepared for planned (or surprise) inspections.


St. Charles, MO discovers interdepartmental efficiencies and completes work orders faster than ever

“We used to take 48 hours to complete a work order, and now we do 90% of them within 24 hours. The time savings are huge because it’s much more efficient for the requestors to submit work orders, and we can complete work orders more efficiently.”

St. Charles, Missouri
Facilities Supervisor, St. Charlies, MO
Success Story

Martha's Vineyard Hospital Client Success Story

Braden Witt, Lead Mechanic
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, US

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital operates faster and provides better care for patients

“Brightly's solutions takes the many layers of your hospital operation and combines them into one really easy-to-use feature.”


Braden Witt

Engineered Controls sees faster ROI with rapid implementation and immediate efficiency gains

“The implementation was beyond my wildest dreams. We were quickly set up and running. I was absolutely blown away. All the equipment was put into the system [without manual entry]. We can easily add work centers, and the system is intuitively set up and so logical while many others aren’t.”

Robert Martz
Plant Manager, Engineered Controls

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