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Enterprise Asset Management solutions and predictive capabilities allow you to work smarter, eliminate waste, and avoid unnecessary costs - all from a single, intuitive platform.


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Software for smarter assets

From preventing a leak to avoiding a power outage to repairing city streets and bridges, Brightly helps clients through the key phases of the asset management lifecycle. Designed to simplify and help oversee every last detail of your assets and operations, our data-driven solutions enable you to work smarter, eliminate waste and avoid undue costs.


Maintenance & Operations

Predict & prevent needs, streamline workflows and manage work orders and assets with comprehensive CMMS

Enterprise Asset Management

Assess and manage the performance of your collective assets with data-driven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Strategy & Capital Planning

Build short- and long-term operational and capital plans for strategic asset management (SAM)

Smart Automation

Analyze data, model trends, and automate actions with IoT remote monitoring

Sustainability & Energy

Reduce utility consumption and environmental footprint, cut costs and support ESG initiatives

Community Development and Events

Engage communities and manage growth with intelligent community development and event software


Future-proof your work

Brightly’s sophisticated, cloud-based platform pairs an unprecedented 20-plus years of operations and asset data with smart models built on AI, machine learning and IoT technology. This platform powers our complete suite of intuitive software solutions and taps an intelligent ecosystem of information to provide the trusted, predictive insights you need to make decisions with confidence.

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Make evolution easy

Serving our clients so they can serve their citizens, communities and businesses is in our DNA. As the world around us evolves faster than we could have ever imagined, Brightly remains the trusted partner to guide the market. Our dedicated industry and market specialists along with our hands-on service and legendary support teams help you own tomorrow no matter where you are today.​

Success Story

From road repair to smart lighting, the City of Edinburgh Council is driving cost savings

The City of Edinburgh Council
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Consolidating data on so many different asset types in one location helps the City of Edinburgh Council

"You can see key measures at a glance. The value of having all of our information in one place is huge for driving service improvement and for meeting our efficiency targets."

Head of Place Management, The City of Edinburgh Council
Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Client Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC
Garner, North Carolina

Pepsi Bottling Ventures gains significant time and labor savings with asset management solution

“They are always coming out with new updates and integrating the feedback we give them. We consider them a partner and look forward to future successes together.”

Tom Wiza
Plant Manager and VP of Operations, Pepsi Bottling Ventures
Success Story

Mobile asset management makes North Lanarkshire Council more responsive to residents

North Lanarkshire Council
North Lanarkshire, England, UK

Mobile asset management makes North Lanarkshire Council more responsive to residents

"Using the mobiles enables our officers to stay out in the field. They’re more productive, and we’re saving money on paper, fuel and office space."

North Lankarshire
Customer Service and Compliance Manager for Environmental Assets, North Lanarkshire Council
Success Story

Rancho California Water District Client Success Story

Rancho California Water District
Temecula/Rancho, California

Rancho California Water District uses Brightly to identify $3.4M in savings

"We had been experiencing mixed results employing different asset management products and solutions that never quite lived up to our expectations. Our results really turned for the better once we started using Brightly and adopted a lifecycle approach to our long-term strategic asset management strategies."

rancho CA
Water Resource Manager, RCWD
Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools Client Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools
Des Moines, Iowa, US

9-Year ENERGY STAR award winner Des Moines Public Schools uses Brightly for $20M+ in savings

“We use Energy Manager as a concise place that has all our data. Spreadsheets and things like that are difficult to manage. Having everything in one spot has proven to be a valuable thing for us. It allows us to quickly understand our utility usage and costs.”

$20M saved and prevented 40K metric tons of CO2 emissions
des moines
Energy & Environmental Specialist, DMPS

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