World-Class Software for Smarter Operations & Maintenance

Our full suite of powerful, cloud-based solutions helps maintenance and operations professionals improve efficiency, prolong asset life and cut costs.


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Get a glimpse at our powerful, user-friendly software by taking a tour of our solutions and learn how Brightly can help your maintenance and operations save time and money!

Software for smarter assets

Brightly pairs its complete suite of user-friendly software—including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability and Community Engagement—with tailored consultancies and award-winning support services to light the way to a bright future where we can all thrive.

Asset Essentials Reports
Asset Essentials™

Next-generation enterprise work and asset management platform

Energy Manager Cost Trending
Energy Manager™

Manage your energy and utilities

Event Manager Dashboard
Event Manager™

Scheduling, organizing, and event promotion made easy

Origin Tablet

Leverage your CMMS data to provide real-time asset health updates

Predictor Report

Make better investment decisions with full asset lifecycle prediction modeling

SmartGov Dashboard

Drive revenue growth and easily manage permitting, licensing, code enforcement

Stream Dashboard

Drive results against carbon reduction and sustainability goals across your entire portfolio

TheWorxhub Map Assets

Connect, prioritize and optimize facility maintenance and operations tasks

“They are always coming out with new updates and integrating the feedback we give them. We consider them a partner and look forward to future successes together.”

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Tom Wiza

Plant Manager and VP of Operations, Pepsi Bottling Ventures


Get to know the ins and outs of your next software solution

Asset Essentials DASHBOARD
Switch from reactive to proactive mode

You feel like you and your team are constantly fighting fires and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Asset Essentials equips you with a CMMS to help you easily build your preventive maintenance program and get out of the reactive rut.

energy manager dashboard
Prove Energy Success

It’s one thing to get a capital project approved. It’s another thing to prove that the project was successful. Energy Manager empowers building operators to easily measure and verify the savings of their energy projects while accounting for weather differences – all in accordance with IPMVP standards.

TheWorxHub Life and Safety Compliance
TheWorxHub Life Safety and Compliance

Healthcare and senior living teams aim to provide the best care and safe environments while adhering to strict regulations. TheWorxHub helps these teams by streamlining everyday work that keeps these environments safe and ensuring your operations are compliant.


Smarter assets for a brighter future

From improved maintenance of your critical assets to strategically planning for the future, Brightly’s powerful software helps customers with every aspect of maintenance and operations their team’s handle. Designed to simplify and help oversee every last detail of your assets and operations, our easy-to-use software allows you to make data-driven decisions that will increase efficiency, decreasing waste and cut costs.


Maintenance & Operations

Extend asset life, streamline workflows and save money with a comprehensive CMMS 

Enterprise Asset Management

Assess and make data-driven decisions on your collective assets with enterprise asset management

Strategy & Planning

Build short- and long-term operational and capital plans for strategic asset management (SAM) 

Smart Automation

Analyze data, model trends and automate actions with IoT remote monitoring 

Sustainability & Energy

Reduce utility consumption and environmental footprint, cut costs and support ESG initiatives 

Communities & Events

Engage your community, manage licenses and permits and streamline event management and facility rentals

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Smarter assets, sustainable communities

Brightly, a Siemens company, is the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions, because we know that smarter assets drive more sustainable communities. We pair our complete suite of user-friendly software, including CMMS, EAM, SAM, IoT remote monitoring, sustainability and community engagement, with tailored consultancies and award-winning support services to light the way to a brighter future where we can all thrive.