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How Energy Manager can help you

Brightly Energy Manager™ is an energy management software that empowers facility and energy managers alike to identify utility waste, better prioritize action and make smarter operational decisions with centralized management of utilities.

Cut costs on utility bills

Centralized utility data allows you to easily identify opportunities for improvement, plan and save money

Track energy-saving initiatives

Create, manage and maintain checklists to help turn sustainability from a buzzword to an action plan

Make better decisions and prioritize action

Have a 360-degree view of your energy usage and leverage data to make more informed decisions

Identify energy waste

Compare energy usage across commercial buildings and facilities and put a stop to costly waste

Improve operational efficiency

Automate utility bill entry so you can spend time where it matters

Operate smarter and solve complex energy problems

Understand your carbon footprint and get help with sustainability initiatives

Energy Manager Cost Trending

Optimize your energy usage & spending with a cloud-based energy management system

Not all energy tools are built the same. Energy Manager automates your utility processes and helps you reduce usage, save money and optimize your operations. Connect your utility activity across stakeholders and access important utility usage data from anywhere in one simple energy management solution.

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Energy Management for Every Industry

Energy Manager is designed to track utility usage across any organization or industry. From helping school districts reduce energy use and waste across facilities to partnering with manufacturers to meet sustainability goals, Energy Manager is an energy management software platform built for you. 

Education & Government

Your focus is providing the best for your students or citizens and doing so on budget. According to ENERGY STAR, 30% of utility use in public buildings is wasted every billing cycle. With Energy Manager, you can identify and cut waste, justify spending on energy-saving initiatives and build a legacy of sustainability for your community


Manufacturing facilities are constantly driving toward lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint throughout their operations. Energy Manager allows you to identify areas of waste and track emissions in one centralized dashboard. Lower your energy bill and gain tangible data on how you have increased sustainability across your organization. 

Healthcare & Senior Living

In healthcare and senior living facilities, care for patients and residents comes first. By partnering with Energy Manager, facilities can start driving down utility costs, increase energy efficiency and cut down on waste. With increased visibility and control over your utility bills, you can pass the savings on to your clients or reinvest into your facilities.

Clubs & Associations

Your club or association’s reputation in the community is important, especially as you focus on growing and adding new members. Energy Manager helps cut waste and save on your operational costs, allowing you to provide a better experience for your members. Use data to help celebrate your successes as you build a more sustainable community.

Energy Manager Cost Trending

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Energy Management FAQs

What is energy management?

Energy management is the ongoing process to understand, analyze and optimize energy consumption across assets, buildings or an entire organization. The foundation of energy management is tracking of utility usage and spend. Utility data helps organizations identify opportunities for efficiencies, such as asset upgrades or replacements, or where they should focus on energy savings or energy procurement alternatives, such as renewable energy. A robust energy management strategy leads to decreased utility costs and extends the lifecycle of assets. It also helps organizations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate their risk against the effects of climate change.

What is energy management software?

Energy management software gives organizations the ability to track their utility bill spend and energy usage in a single location to more easily plan energy efficiency strategies. Energy management software allow organizations to identify opportunities for cost savings, to reduce energy usage waste and report carbon emissions to meet increasing government regulations or investor demand.

Who uses energy management software?

Energy management software is frequently used by facility management, energy managers or sustainability teams to reduce costs associated with energy consumption waste and report on carbon emissions against sustainability goals. It helps these teams make better investment decisions by adding easily accessible utility and emissions data into capital planning or budgeting processes.

Why is energy management software important?

Organizations need energy management software to bring together siloed utility spend and usage data. Energy management software provides a single source of truth for energy consumption data, which streamlines the process for capital expenditure requests, regulation or investor-based demand for carbon emissions data, or justifying sustainability initiatives.

What types of utilities are managed by energy management software?

Energy management software tracks usage across utilities for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, coal, wood, steam, chilled water, water, wastewater, irrigation, refuse and other sources.