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Brightly’s enterprise asset management (EAM) software will help your organization streamline operations, optimize asset utilization, and reduce costs through improved maintenance planning, enhanced asset tracking, and data-driven decision-making.

Key Features of Brightly’s Enterprise Asset Management Software:
Asset Inventory

Brightly’s EAM software allows organizations to create and maintain a centralized database of all their physical assets. Include as much or as little detailed information as your organization needs, including asset specifications, location, maintenance history, warranties, and related documents to help you stay organized and up to date with asset maintenance.  

Maintenance Management

Our EAM software helps streamline maintenance activities by enabling your organization to schedule and track preventive maintenance tasks, work orders, and service requests. It optimizes maintenance planning, improves asset reliability, and minimizes unplanned downtime. 

Mobile Asset Tracking

Our world-class EAM software is fully mobile integrated, so you and your team can update asset tracking right from your mobile device. Mobile capabilities allow technicians and facility managers to access asset information, update work orders, and capture data using smartphones or tablets in the field. 

Inventory Control

Manage your spare parts, consumables, and inventory levels with ease with Brightly’s powerful EAM software. Enable your organization to easily track stock availability, automate reordering processes, and optimize inventory to ensure the availability of critical assets. 

Asset Performance Analytics

Brightly’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provided with EAM software allows your organization to gain insights into asset performance, maintenance costs, and overall asset health. These insights enable data-driven decision making for optimizing asset utilization, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency. 

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Help your organization comply with industry regulations, safety standards, and environmental requirements with our powerful EAM solution. We provide tools for documenting compliance-related activities, generating reports, and conducting audits. 

Benefits of Brightly’s Enterprise Asset Management Software
Improved Asset Utilization

Our EAM software helps your organization optimize the use of assets by ensuring timely maintenance, reducing downtime, and extending asset lifespan. 

Cost Reduction

By implementing preventive maintenance strategies and optimizing inventory, Brightly’s EAM software can help reduce maintenance costs, minimize asset failures, and avoid unnecessary purchases. 

Increased Productivity

Streamlined maintenance workflows, automated work order management, and mobile accessibility empower technicians to work more efficiently, leading to increased productivity. 

Enhanced Decision-Making

The availability of real-time data, performance analytics, and reporting capabilities enables your organization to make informed decisions regarding asset investments, maintenance strategies, and resource allocation. 

Regulatory Compliance

Help your organization meet regulatory and compliance requirements by providing documentation, audit trails, and ensuring adherence to safety standards with our powerful EAM software. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Efficient asset management facilitated by Brightly’s EAM software results in better asset reliability, reduced service disruptions, and improved response times, leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

Enterprise asset management for smarter assets

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Asset Essentials

Our next-generation enterprise work and asset management platform means smarter and more efficient maintenance and operations.

Make sense of processes and tasks

See the full picture of your physical assets – across facilities – with Asset Essentials. So you can make smarter decisions that keep your entire operation running smoothly.

Increase maintenance productivity

Create reactive, corrective, predictive and preventative maintenance work orders. All in a single solution. And prioritize, schedule and manage tasks with total clarity into what needs to happen when.

Make smarter moves with more asset data

When you use our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) platform, all data points in and around your organization are collected and put into context for insightful analytics that help you manage today and plan for tomorrow.

Reduce costs and extend runtime

Easily schedule preventative and predictive maintenance tasks to extend the life of your assets and get the greatest possible return on your investments.

Efficiently manage your inventory

Streamline how you manage your inventory management of frequently used parts for just-in-time maintenance while optimizing your procurement/replenishment processes.

Create an on-the-go workforce

Give your technicians the power to capture parts transactions, access reference materials, track work orders (even when in offline mode) and scan assets with their mobile devices.

Asset Essentials
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Our cloud-based CMMS streamlines facility maintenance and operations – so you can connect, prioritize and optimize tasks that result in better care.

A smarter CMMS for care providers

Healthcare and senior living facilities are devoted to giving the best possible care to patients and residents. TheWorxHub clears the way to let them do so – by empowering you to manage assets, maintenance and compliance efficiently.

Improve patient and resident care

Simplify your operations workflow and asset management to create and maintain a comfortable environment for everyone. And ensure critical assets stay up and running.

Get more done the smart way

Connect work, physical assets, and real-time data from departments and projects together on a mobile-friendly solution. And keep communication open between team members for greater transparency and real-time updates.

Make more informed decisions

See the current state of your entire operations with a glance of your dashboard, and share your analysis with reporting functionality that makes keeping others in the loop much easier.

Stay compliant with confidence

Assess risk, create preventative maintenance workflows and know where you stand with current regulations. Make moves to avoid non-compliance. And easily reach for documentation to prove you are compliant.

Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Client Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC
Garner, North Carolina

“They are always coming out with new updates and integrating the feedback we give them. We consider them a partner and look forward to future successes together.”

Tom Wiza
Plant Manager and VP of Operations, Pepsi Bottling Ventures
Success Story

Robert Morris University Client Success Story

Robert Morris University
Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Robert Morris University deploys mobile work order management and increases productivity with work and asset management

“It’s the one tool we use which enables us to drive productivity, efficiency and really have a grasp on the maintenance work. It really helps link some of my goals, objectives and metrics in a meaningful way that I can report on.”

<1% of work orders exceed 7 days
robert morris university
Senior Director of Maintenance Operations, Robert Morris University

Heart of America Medical Center finds efficiencies in mobile app

“The turnaround on work orders is faster now. The small work orders are done quickly and efficiently. The guys take what they need because they know where they’re going. It is pretty self-sufficient.”


heart of america medical center
Plant Operations Maintenance File Clerk, Heart of America Medical Center

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