The Best Asset Management Software for Schools

Working in education, the focus is always on students and ensuring they are set up to succeed. Public K-12 schools face an uphill battle as their aging infrastructure requires smarter care. Private or independent schools and higher education institutions must spend wisely on projects that will attract new students. 

Each school’s needs are unique, which is why Brightly offers world-class software solutions that:

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesSave money and preserve facilities with smarter maintenance
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesForecast the impact of spending decisions and deferred maintenance
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesHelp prove funding requests and support smarter planning and budgeting
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesIdentify utility waste, streamline event hosting and more
Clubs Dashboard

Manage facilities and improve maintenance workflow

Without an asset management solution, schools often wait for something to break, hope someone reports it in time and get to work fixing the problem. This process may leave technicians to scramble looking for parts, hoping they have some on hand. Disruptions like this can impact the learning environment.

By partnering with Brightly Asset Essentials™, your maintenance team can shift to preventive maintenance and schedule services before an asset fails.

Using it to manage your facilities allows you to:

  • Automate tasks and create improved workflows
  • Manage parts inventory and easily create parts orders
  • Access important information from anywhere
  • Identify problematic assets and make better repair versus replace decisions
Predictor Work Planner Capital

Save your school time and money

Educators will often tell their students that being prepared is the key to success, so why not follow that advice? For a school, that means always understanding the state of educational assets. When talking about classrooms, administration buildings and systems required to keep them comfortable, knowing the cost to repair and maintain them can seem like an impossible task.

That’s why you need Brightly Predictor to help with your planning.

In one powerful, user-friendly tool, you can:

  • Model various funding scenarios and compare the impact of investment decisions
  • Accurately predict the future health of all systems and assets you manage
  • Balance community needs, funding requirements and asset health
  • Reduce planning time while creating smarter budgets
Event Manager Dashboard

Maximize Return with Cloud-Based Event Management

Brightly Event Manager helps you successfully schedule, manage and promote events and facility rentals. Ensure positive community experience with a user-friendly platform.

event manager UI

Schedule events from beginning to end

Managing events and facility rentals can be difficult without a powerful software solution. From managing a single educational institution to an entire school district, events and facility rentals require plenty of logistical planning and coordination. 

Using a powerful solution like Brightly Event Manager™, schools can:

  • Easily manage community requests
  • Recover costs and understand the true impact of events and facility rentals
  • Eliminate logistical errors and administrative headaches
  • Track payments and send invoices
Energy Manager UI

Control your school’s energy usage

Did you know that school districts spend more annually on energy than on computers and textbooks combined? With utilities being such a major line item for any school’s budget, getting energy usage under control can go a long way. Imagine all you can do for your students when you save money on your energy bill.

With Brightly Energy Manager™, it’s easy to:

  • Identify and eliminate utility waste
  • Track energy-saving initiatives
  • Report on sustainability efforts to your community and stakeholders
Resource Roundup

Improve School Efficiency with our Asset Management Suite of Tools

From a school district looking to optimize time consuming tasks and creating an improved maintenance schedule to a private school’s technician needing easier access to school inventory and asset data, Brightly has software solutions to increase operational efficiency. 

Asset Essentials

No matter the level of education, public or private, the goal is the same—provide a high-quality experience for your students. Fundamentally, this all starts with maintaining and caring for facilities and assets. With a powerful computerized maintenance management system, you can take better care of assets, save money on maintenance costs and automate workflows. Smarter maintenance allows your budget to stretch further and you to spend less time on operations-related tasks.

Asset Essentials makes caring for assets and facilities easy. Ensure classrooms and administration buildings get the care they need, and your maintenance team always has crucial information readily available and at their fingertips. Our world-class, cloud-based software is the perfect solution for educators at all levels and campuses of all sizes.


In schools, budgets are tight and funding is hard to come by. Public K-12s will all fight for their piece of the pie from infrastructure investments while still maintaining aging buildings. Meanwhile, private or independent schools and higher education organizations must weigh funding scenarios and understand the impact of investment decisions. 

Predictor is our powerful full asset lifecycle prediction modeling and capital planning software that models various funding scenarios. Justify funding requests and ensure smart investments so every dollar counts. Make data-informed decisions that will have the biggest impact on your students while helping create a smarter budget.

Event Manager

Educational institutions rightfully focus on their students’ experience first. Outside of that, revenue comes from hosting events and facility rentals. Classrooms, auditoriums and gyms can all bring in money. Many currently rely on antiquated methods to track bookings and work associated with event hosting. 

Event Manager is our world-class event management and facility scheduling software that makes it easy to schedule, organize, promote and recover costs from events and facility rentals. With a user-friendly community portal, you can maximize revenue, eliminate double bookings and promote community events. Drive further efficiency by integrating with Asset Essentials to automate tasks and work orders related to events or facility rentals.

Energy Manager

As the recent infrastructure bill showed, there is an increased focus on sustainability in schools. According to ENERGY STAR, 30% of utility use in public buildings is wasted every billing cycle. Instead of flushing that money down the drain, reclaim it and put it to good use.

Energy Manager is our world-class energy management software. Easily identify areas of waste and improve your sustainability efforts. With automated bill entry, you will gain further efficiency and can spend more time understanding the data instead of manually entering it. Monitor carbon emissions and show the community you’re committed to building a brighter future.


Every dollar counts and ensuring you’re spending wisely is crucial. No matter how smart you plan, one unexpected incident can destroy your budget. Instead of fixing problems as they occur, what if you could predict them and be prepared? 

Origin is our next-gen strategic asset management and asset health solution that provides strategic insight into facilities, assets and resources. By knowing the true cost of deferred maintenance, you can prove funding requests with powerful visuals and metrics and plan for a brighter future.  

Success Story

Abilene Christian University Gets Buy-In from Leadership with FCA

Corey Ruff, Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Management at Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas, US

"The FCA really helped us understand how our facilities ranked based on their facility condition index and the total need for the major building systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, interiors, etc.) on campus help us make better data-driven decisions."

Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Management, Abilene Christian University
Success Story

Adams State University Moves to Cloud Solution from Web-Enabled CMMS

Scott Travis, Director of Facilities Operations
Alamosa, Colorado, US

It’s so easy - every school should use Brightly. My staff is now more efficient because they can close work orders from their phones while in the field. 

Adams University
Director of Facilities Operations, Adams State University

University of South Carolina reduces utility bills with Brightly

“With [Brightly] Energy Management, we can place a sub-meter on both the restaurant and the telecommunications hub, allowing us to charge food services and the IT department their fair share of the energy costs.”

15% decrease in the average annual utility bill
u of sc
Supervisor of High Voltage and Utilities, University of South Carolina
Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools Client Success Story

Des Moines Public Schools
Des Moines, Iowa, US

9-Year ENERGY STAR award winner Des Moines Public Schools uses Brightly for $20M+ in savings

“We use Energy Manager as a concise place that has all our data. Spreadsheets and things like that are difficult to manage. Having everything in one spot has proven to be a valuable thing for us. It allows us to quickly understand our utility usage and costs.”

$20M saved and prevented 40K metric tons of CO2 emissions
des moines
Energy & Environmental Specialist, DMPS
Success Story

Robert Morris University Client Success Story

Robert Morris University
Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Robert Morris University deploys mobile work order management and increases productivity with work and asset management

“It’s the one tool we use which enables us to drive productivity, efficiency and really have a grasp on the maintenance work. It really helps link some of my goals, objectives and metrics in a meaningful way that I can report on.”

<1% of work orders exceed 7 days
robert morris university
Senior Director of Maintenance Operations, Robert Morris University

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Why does my school system need asset management software?

Since their inception, many school systems have been reliant on outdated methods to protect their assets and facilities. With the right asset management software, maintenance and operations tasks become easier, streamlining time consuming processes and helping schools save money. The right software can also help prove and support funding requests, manage event rentals and identify utility waste.

What type of training is available with Brightly’s asset management software?

Brightly knows that success requires our products going beyond just being an administrative solution—it means being a partner at all levels of your educational institution. As such, we work directly with you to ensure a smooth implementation and have both on-site and self-guided training available. Our products are backed by our legendary client support, meaning a real person will promptly answer your call or reply to your email.  

What makes Brightly’s asset management software better than other systems?

With more than two decades of experience and a foundation in education, Brightly’s asset management software is built with you in mind. Our cloud-based solutions feature a user-friendly interface, meaning they are easy to use and can be accessed from nearly any smartphone. Backed with a team of experts who are always ready to help, we’re the perfect partner to protect your assets and build a sustainable community. 

How much money do school systems save when using Brightly’s asset management software?

The amount of money a school system can save using Brightly’s asset management software can vary based on a number of factors. By using Asset Essentials and setting up a preventive maintenance program, you can see a 63% drop in maintenance costs. Other savings can be found through automating tasks and optimizing operations. Brightly is proud to have supported $321 billion USD worth of assets and has helped thousands of clients save money.  

How long does it take for school systems to move to adopt asset management software?

While it may vary for each school system, adopting Brightly’s asset management software doesn’t take much time. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and suggest the right solutions to help you meet them. Brightly’s software is both cloud-based and user-friendly, so anyone with a smartphone can get started and access the crucial information they need from anywhere.  

asset essentials UI

Get Started with Brightly Today

Though you may not be in the classroom leading lectures, your job is crucial for students to learn. A comfortable environment for learning sets up teachers and students alike for success. As this challenge becomes harder, it’s time for you to work smarter. 

With over two decades of experience working with education institutions, Brightly understands your needs and has powerful solutions to help you be smarter, faster, more connected and more predictive. Don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself. Schedule a discovery call and our legendary support team will help scope and build your custom demo. We look forward to partnering with you and building a bright future for your community!