How to use Asset Investment Planning for Capital planning, budgeting, and asset management

1 minute

Budgeting is challenging for most educational administrators and operational department leaders, especially when it involves large infrastructure and asset purchasing, repairs, or replacement. 

Decisions must be made to balance the priorities of the students, staff, and community, as well as the needs of school grounds and facilities.  

There are varied budgeting approaches, ranging from manual assessments to advanced methods, reflecting different technological maturity levels. In this free guide, we'll explore how Asset Investment Planning (AIP) can assist educational institutions of all sizes in budgeting and planning more effectively to ensure a safe and successful future for students and educators alike. 



This guide will cover: 

• The 101 on Asset Investment Planning  

• Challenges of using a manual approach and how to overcome them 

• The pros and cons of outsourced engineering firms in the AIP process 

• How software can make AIP easier and more cost-effective 

Download this guide to learn more about how Brightly's suite of solutions can help empower schools to make informed decisions about budgeting and resource allocation.