Employee Spotlight: Fei Ling Teh, Brightly Product Designer

2 minutes

Role and Expertise

In this edition of the Brightly Employee Spotlight, we are proud to introduce Fei Ling Teh, our talented Product Designer. Fei specialises in product design, with a focus on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). She designs intuitive, user-friendly platforms and system updates.

Since joining Brightly eight months ago, Fei has been at the forefront of product design, playing a pivotal role creating a client-centric user experience across Brightly solutions. She collaborates closely with multiple cross-functional teams globally, developing systems that enable our clients to optimise their facilities, assets, and workflows.

How Would Fei Describe Herself?

“I’d describe myself as persistent, patient and not afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. I always challenge the status quo and I’m very much a self-starter.”

Favorite Food

Fei enjoys all cuisines, but her favourite thing to eat is spicy Asian food.

Exercise and Hobbies

Fei loves travelling, naming Japan her favourite travel destination so far. In response to what she likes about Japan, Fei replied, “There’s so much to see there. The architecture, the city and the interesting things they sell over there. It’s like a whole other world. Everything there really excites me! I’d love to travel to Japan again!”

In her spare time, Fei enjoys the Brisbane arts and culture scene, taking in the latest exhibitions and art galleries, and trying new restaurants. She also appreciates the simple pleasures, like peaceful walks along the riverside.

Core Values

Honesty, fairness, respect, health, empathy, and growth are some of the principles Fei lives by.

Life Motto

When asked about her life motto, Fei expressed she’s been reflecting on the idea of "living truthfully and meaningfully." It's a powerful sentiment summing up her commitment to authenticity and purpose.

Future Endeavours

In looking ahead, Fei is dedicated to growth and self-improvement, as she aspires to become a better version of herself, both personally and professionally.

Get in Touch

Connect with Fei on LinkedIn at