A New Way to Manage Higher Education Assets: How Strategy + Stimulus Can Help

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In this webinar, we dive into the game-changing world of strategic asset management for colleges and universities. We will help you understand the shift from traditional tactical asset management to future-focused lifecycle modeling to balance budgets, campus communities’ service needs and asset condition – and ultimately deliver more sustainable facilities and infrastructure into the future.

You will hear from experts in strategic asset management and learn how assessments and data are essential components in delivering compelling, evidence-based COVID-19 stimulus funding application submissions.

This webinar will help you answer questions like:

  • How do I manage the life of the entire college or university asset portfolio over the long term?
  • How do I deliver the service my campus community needs from these assets?
  • How can I do both of those things, yet still balance tight budgets?
  • What will future asset health and service levels be under different funding scenarios?
  • How do I ensure I’m COVID-19 stimulus ready?
  • How can I get started with the data I have today and what will I need for the future?

Listen in to see how strategic asset management delivers solid, integrated long-term capital works and financial plans that powerfully demonstrate to all college and university stakeholders the consequences of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s infrastructure and facilities.


Panelists include:

Daniel McCauley

Strategic Account Executive, Brightly

Keith Jones

Principal/Program Manager/Director of Water Resource Management, ALPHA Facilities

Luke Anderson

Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Brightly

Ashay Prabhu

VP of Strategic Asset Management, Brightly

Paul Lozo

Director of Environmental Operations, University of Richmond