ERG Spotlight: Get to know BMindful!

2 minutes

At Brightly software, BMindful is a small, friendly employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness together. We currently have around twenty Brightly team members within our ERG and are growing. Our motto has been, “A space to care, share, and be mindful of one another,” and this is really the heart of the group. During May, BMindful is recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month and is focusing on three primary factors: Community, advocacy, and education on mental health and awareness.

BMindful ERG Logo

We are incredibly grateful to Brightly for allowing our group to set aside time to focus on our internal community. In May, we have upped the ante to meeting every week and are truly seeing growth and traction within the group. It is not surprising to see a new team member added every week or every other week or so. We enjoy walks and talks, monthly sessions educating on mental health and neurodiversity, and collaborating on ideas to make our group effective and accessible to those within our organization at Brightly.

Mental health and wellness are incredibly important but are often overlooked in the workplace. The truth of the matter is that one in five people will experience a mental health condition within a year. Studies show that the number of people who struggle with anxiety and depression has skyrocketed over the last 10-20 years. Not to mention the effects that the COVID era has had on our population. With mental health becoming increasingly more important, we need to raise awareness, give people access to connect with others, and create a safe space to do so within the workplace.

To raise awareness of the importance of mental health awareness in the month of May, and granting more visibility to BMindful, we are creating T-shirts along with care packages to pass out to our team members.

A special thanks to Carleigh Flynn at Brightly for helping us design our T-shirts and bringing this visibility to our group. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to create and grow this space. We want to also give special thanks to Erikka Buracchio, Ravyn Kingsberry, and Niki Hughes for the support they have given to our group and others alike. We would not be here without you.