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Breweries and wineries can leverage Brightly solutions to improve market performance, streamline knowledge sharing, achieve regulatory compliance, and strike a balance between tightening budgets and investing in their digital transformation. 

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Challenges in the Brewery and Winery Industry

Increased market competition is one of the biggest challenges for craft breweries and wineries, as consumers have seemingly endless options for finding new and innovative offerings to meet their ever-evolving tastes. Both industries are also plagued by skilled labor shortages, constantly changing regulatory requirements, supply chain issues, and a surge in low- or no-alcohol drink preferences among Gen Z consumers.  

Brightly’s intuitive list of solutions including CMMS, IoT monitoring, and capital planning software can help breweries and wineries with their evolving needs, enabling you to gain insights into important information such as production line efficiencies, inventory data, asset health, and much more. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

Brightly's analytics and reporting tools enable brewery and winery businesses to gain deeper insights into their operations, identify inefficiencies, assess the performance of their assets and anticipate future needs to guide investment in new technologies or processes.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Brightly's CMMS software aids breweries and wineries in streamlining inventory management, ensuring critical spare parts and supplies are always available when needed, without overstocking and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Optimized Maintenance Schedules

By automating maintenance schedules, Brightly’s CMMS significantly reduces equipment downtime, boosting long-term productivity, lowering operational costs, and ensuring breweries and wineries can consistently meet the needs of their customers.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

The brewery and winery industries face stringent regulatory requirements, especially concerning environmental impact and safety. Brightly's software facilitates compliance with these regulations by maintaining detailed records of maintenance activities, safety inspections, and emissions data.

Supercharge asset management with Brightly’s Solutions
Asset Essentials
Asset Essentials
Computerized maintenance management system

Establish asset hierarchies, track maintenance history on assets and prioritize planned work. Generate work orders and submit work request via online portal. Develop PM schedule and track inspections of the assets.

Strategic Asset Health Management & Capital Planning Software

Our world-class strategic asset management, asset health, and capital planning solution provides strategic insight into facilities, assets, and resources that help determine where to focus limited funding.

Smart Assets
Smart Assets
IoT for Smarter Asset Management

Optimize resources and save time by removing the need to inspect assets physically with real-time asset conditions through sensor data. Operational parameters like temperature, pressure, and humidity are reported in real-time by Smart Assets sensor devices connected to the assets. 

TheWorxhub on multiple devices

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What is CMMS software?

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software helps businesses manage, automate, and streamline all of their maintenance operations.

Can I connect to other systems?

Brightly provides pre-built CMMS Integrations with the most widely used software systems such as ERPs, MES, BMS.

Who uses CMMS software?

CMMS software is used by anyone who manages maintenance — facility managers, operations managers, and asset managers, and more — to manage assets, schedule maintenance, and ensure safety. It is widely employed in industries including manufacturing, education, government, food & beverage, and many more to maintain facilities, infrastructures and assets and manage resources effectively.

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