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Manage your capital plans with the power of GIS.

Work Planner brings GIS to Predictor – so you can plan with greater visibility into all potential outcomes.

Data Made Accessible

Reference all GIS information when building projects. And export your GIS data back to Predictor to run simulations, or anywhere it’s needed.

A Big-Picture View

See a detailed view of every project and phase. Bundle assets and treatments. Collaborate in real time. All within an interactive Project Builder.

Intuitive Insights

Visualise, drag and drop your projects and phases on a tile-based dashboard to balance budgets and see the impact across funding and planning years.

Configurable Settings

Put your workspace to work for you. Configure it with flexible options for funding sources, status values, priority values, project fields and more.

Multi-User Support

Collaborate in different project workspaces and see what others are doing in real time. Meanwhile, project and GIS data are updated automatically.

Data Visualisations

Refine and develop your multi-year CIP, then easily output it to your BI platform and share that plan with others so everyone is on the same page.

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What can you expect when partnering with us?
Configurable, easy-to-use tools

Work Planner is easy for your whole team to use and configurable to meet your unique operations challenges.

A safe, enterprise-grade platform

Our cloud-based, SaaS solution is certified to meet the highest standards of security and reliability.

Flexible and scalable solutions

We offer scalable solutions for organisations of all sizes, optimised for your specific industry vertical.

Increased value of investment

Streamline processes, reduce costs and extend the life of assets and equipment.

Document management

Attach documents to assets, work orders and compliance tasks via PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and plain text files.

Robust data and deeper insights

Gain clarity into your data, understand your current and historical spending, and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Continuous innovation

Your feedback is used to continuously improve and optimise our software solutions.

Implementation and integration

We’re with you every step of the way, right from the start. We guide your implementation and help with software integrations.

Our legendary support

We’re always here for you whenever you need us — contact us via phone, email or chat.

A true, strategic partnership

Our dedicated Client Service teams help ensure you’re meeting your energy goals and objectives.

Industry-specific solutions to help you do the best work of your life

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We think you’ll like what Work Planner can offer. Let us take you on a tour

See first hand what Work Planner can bring to your Predictor. Then put the power of GIS to work managing your capital investment plan.