Strategy to Stimulus: Why Strategic Asset Management Matters

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What is strategic asset management (SAM) and how does it empower you to stand out to win stimulus funding?

Educational institutions and local government oversee extensive facility systems portfolios, and face pressure to increase the longevity of operational systems while maximizing restrained facility capital budgets.

So, how can SAM provide the story to demonstrate your organization has evidence-based plans for the future and should be awarded stimulus finding – maybe even above the average allocation? Watch this webinar to see how our newest cloud-based strategic asset management and capital planning solution can help you answer:

  • Why does strategic asset management matter?
  • How are strategic asset management and stimulus connected?
  • How can I accurately plan and predict my organization's asset future and maximize stimulus funds?


Panelist include:

Ashay Prabhu

Vice President of Strategic Asset Management, Brightly

Michael Bremer

Solutions Consultant Manager, Brightly