3 benefits of a CMMS

3 minutes

You've heard the adage: You can't manage what you can't measure. 

With the day-to-day operation of any business almost entirely dependent on maintaining a fully functional and efficient facility, it's time to consider forging a more efficient path outside of paper systems and into the cloud. 

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) levels-up operations and allows you to manage (and measure!) virtually every aspect of your facility's infrastructure, from HVAC systems to safety inspections. Implementing a CMMS is one step businesses can take towards streamlining their facilities department and bringing them into an age of real accountability. 

1. Save time and money by automating the maintenance process 

A CMMS isn't just for automating your maintenance schedule; it also helps you optimize processes, leading to cost savings. 

You can access the database from anywhere, which makes it easier for employees to get the information they need when they need it. And because you have an accurate record of all parts used in your maintenance operations, it becomes easier to determine where savings can be made by making better purchasing decisions based on actual usage rather than estimates or guesses based on experience alone. 

2. Get better insight into your assets with asset intelligence 

Asset intelligence offers a clearer picture of the entire life cycle of each piece of equipment in your facility. Meaning, you can better care for your assets from start to finish — like purchasing new vehicles through inspection, repair, and maintenance until they reach their end-of-life stage. All this information is available from any device because it's stored in the cloud rather than on individual servers or computers in different locations throughout your facility. 

Monitoring your assets and their health is like taking an X-ray of your facility: it gives you an idea of what gets replaced or repaired frequently, which may indicate a larger problem. The same goes for other data points, such as when an audit gets completed or if there have been any incidents with the equipment. For example, if an incident occurred several months ago but no corrective action has been implemented since then, that could indicate a potential issue with training or communication within your organization. 

3. Improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate information at all times 

Without insight into the health and status of your assets, unexpected work interruptions are a surety. Whether you’re a manufacturing company with deadlines to meet, a higher-ed institution relying on functional AC, or a hospital with essential machinery to maintain operations, your customers are depending on you. With a CMMS in place, you gain critical insight into your assets so you can either make pre-emptive changes and repairs or provide timely information about any issue that might affect customers— such as broken equipment or supply shortages — before it becomes an issue for them and, ultimately, your business. 

A CMMS is a powerful tool that can transform the way you manage your facility. The right solution will tell you what's happening now, what happened yesterday, and what might happen tomorrow with critical data from preventive maintenance schedules to staffing levels. By collecting information about all of your equipment, in just a glance you can see how well everything is working. This gives you the opportunity to schedule maintenance, order parts, or simply staff up to manage your upcoming workload. 

Smart software for smart(er) assets 

Asset Essentials™ is a complete, cloud-based asset management solution that helps you manage assets, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. We're here to help you keep your team on track, the people you serve happy, and your critical work completed on time—every time. 

At Brightly, we know that software is just one piece of your success. From software to support, we'll light the way forward. To learn more about our solutions, talk to a Brightly expert today.