Top 10 Sessions at Illuminate 2024

3 minutes

With over 70 unique learning sessions scheduled over four days at Illuminate, it’s hard to narrow down an incredible amount of knowledge sharing into a top 10 list. From industry-specific learning to mastering your entire suite of Brightly solutions, there’s lots of learning for all attendees.  

Here’s a look at our top 10 sessions for Illuminate 2024:

1. New this year! Certification workshops on March 11 from 12-3 p.m.

Not only are these certification prep courses designed to help you pass the Basic Level certification on the last day of the conference, but they are also broken down by products and industry, allowing you to learn targeted information to help your organization succeed.

2.  Monday Keynote with Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Kemmerer

Hear from our CEO, Kevin Kemmerer, as he dives into updates from Brightly, insight into the industry, and inspiration for the rest of the festivities to come!

3. 5 Tips & Tricks to Ignite Success with Asset Essentials

A world-class CMMS, like Asset Essentials™, can save you time and money. Getting the most out of it can give you exponentially more efficiency and savings. Hear from a Brightly expert on how to improve efficiency in Asset Essentials.

4. Using a CMMS to Tell the Story of Your Maintenance Efforts

Managing a diverse portfolio of school buildings is a hard job — one not fully understood by the average person. Learn how to use your CMMS data to effectively frame and articulate your narrative, helping everyone understand the true impact of your maintenance and operations team.

5. "Sustaining" Sustainability: Enabling Operational Excellence Through Strategic Asset Management

People, process, and technology must all come together to “sustain” sustainability itself. Facility leaders already engaged in running sustainable buildings have one thing in common — they understand the necessity of leveraging data to make better management decisions. Learn how strategic asset management helps your sustainability plan turn into action and efficiency.

6.  Return to Learn: Brightly Product Education Resources Overview

Get an overview of all resources Brightly offers, from in-app tools to on-site services. We will let you know how to use them, when, and best practices. Get the most out of your Brightly products and be prepared to master our solutions!

7. Effectively Change the Culture of Your Organization

Change management is a consistent roadblock many face when implementing a new initiative. This course is designed to break the change management process down into three simple steps, provide best practices for tackling each step, and instill the confidence needed to guide teams through change.

8. Spark Happiness Through Productivity: The Agile Method

When you hear about the agile method, it’s easy to think it only applies to IT companies or developers. Learn why that isn’t the case and how you can use agile methodologies to optimize your approach to work, positively impacting your organization and customers.

9. Sparking Kindness with Ethan Almighty, Hero Dog

Who said learning can’t be fun — and furry? Feel inspired by Ethan, a truly special dog, and his harrowing story. Understand the power of spreading love and kindness and leave the session with hope and enthusiasm for the future — whatever it may hold.

10. Tuesday Keynote: Shaping the Future, We Want

It’s in moments of disruption that we have the greatest opportunity to create the future that we want. In technology, that future can be more diverse, more inclusive, and a place where everyone can reach their full potential. In this session, we explore this concept and help shape the future you want for yourself or your organization.

This is only a taste of the action. As a bonus, we will have experts from Siemens speak at the event. Don’t miss out on all of this and more. Secure your spot and register for Illuminate today!

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