Success Story

New South Wales Land and Housing Corporation embraces predictive maintenance to deliver quality social housing

New South Wales Land and Housing Corporation
New South Wales, AUS


With cost-of-living pressures impacting many across New South Wales (NSW), those who can’t afford to house themselves turn to NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) for short- or long-term social housing. To manage the upkeep of over 125,000 properties, LAHC wanted to shift away from reactive maintenance and take a preventive approach.


The NSW Land and Housing Corporation utilise Assetic™ and Brightly Predictor software to support the planned maintenance of its social housing properties. Combining the world-class software gave LAHC the power they needed, providing powerful, real-time insights via a centralised asset register and applying predictive modelling for short- and long-term decision-making and for generating compelling business cases.


  • Owns and maintains social housing properties across NSW
  • Part of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment
  • Manages over 125,000 properties — the largest portfolio in Australia
  • Properties valued at AU$62 billion