Viva EAM! The future of enterprise asset management is centralized

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The EAM market is evolving, driven by an emphasis on cost savings, maintenance strategy, digital system amalgamation and sustainability.

If you need a primer, enterprise asset management (EAM) is a way to manage physical assets by understanding the full lifecycle of each asset within your operational ecosystem. Part strategic asset management, part preventive and proactive maintenance, EAM shines a light on the big picture so you can make smarter data-driven decisions about repair, longevity and lifecycles.

Right now, the top trends in EAM are where mobile and wearable functionality, rapid implementations and analytics for predictive maintenance strategies converge.

For operations managers in organizations with multiple facilities, you likely have a lot on your plate. From keeping tabs on the inner workings of each building to managing the day-to-day of the employees on your team, it’s a long list of responsibilities to ensure that the lights stay on and nothing gets in the way of the business.

On top of maintaining facilities, you need a system in place that can make sense of tasks, workflows, inventory, and your employees. If you’re doing this on paper, you might be missing out on optimization opportunities for your staff or the greater business.

Though slow to join the party, many organizations are starting to see the light in regard to their asset management.

So, what exactly is being illuminated?

This must be the (main) place 

The term “digital transformation” might feel a bit intimidating, or for operations professionals, unnecessary — but hear us out. Technology will never replace the human element that is the heart of many organizations, but it can help drive efficiency, productivity and cost-savings.

Who doesn’t like to get stuff done faster and save money?

There is already a ton of data at your fingertips: the machines you maintain are at various stages in their lifespans. The workers you oversee have varying degrees of tasks, talents or capabilities. Buildings, well, you know they’re just oozing information from everything from electricity usage to occupancy.

With an EAM solution, you can capture data from the people, processes and machines that you already have. When you gather all that info into a centralized location, you can gain insight into the state of your assets, enhance the productivity of your employees and help your business identify opportunities to save time and money.

We are not alone 

At Brightly, we’re very jazzed about the future of enterprise asset management. When you unlock how everything connects, you can build a brighter tomorrow and make strides toward more sustainable communities.

And across the world, EAM is gaining momentum.

Global research and advisory firm Verdantix recently released “Green Quadrant: Industrial EAM Software 2022,” a report that examines 14 EAM software vendors and reveals trends influencing growth in EAM. We are proud to be highlighted as a leader in the space for our comprehensive data-driven EAM solutions and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Join the EAM revolution. Or at least read up on it. 

The data is out there. If you have a lot of locations, you need central management to gain visibility into every aspect of your operations. When you gain the full picture of your assets, you can make better decisions for your facilities, fleets, employees and organization.

But if you need a little more information, check out our E-book How EAM can help your organization keep its cool to explore why EAM is the future of operations management.

Have more questions? Speak with one of our experts to see what customized EAM solution we can provide. Let's build a bright future, together!