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For Hospitals

Hospital teams can stay organized, streamline operations, and reduce costs with a cloud-based facility management software solution that combines asset management, compliance, and safety rounding all into one, easy-to-use solution. 

TheWorxhub Mobile

For Senior Living Facilities

Frontline operators can improve efficiency and streamline their communications to cross-community teams and residents with an intuitive facility management solution that combines asset management and operational readiness—all at the touch of a button.


How TheWorxHub can help you

Brightly TheWorxHub™ is an interconnected healthcare suite that efficiently manages everything that your operational team encounters, including work orders, assets, compliance tasks, preventive maintenance, inventory and security rounds. Take your facilities management to the next level and build efficiencies across every aspect of your operations. 

Cut costs with smarter maintenance

Using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) prolongs asset life and reduces your facility maintenance costs. 

Build smarter budgets

View the current state of your operations with ease and use data and built-in reports to build a brighter tomorrow

Proactively remain compliant

Leverage user-friendly tools for risk assessments, preventive maintenance workflows and compliance code tracking.

Save time to focus on care

Automate tasks and work orders so you can focus your time and energy on providing the best patient care.

Improve communication throughout your organization

Using cloud-based facility management software allows anyone to access important information from anywhere.

Optimize operations and close gaps

Gain greater clarity on your company’s maintenance operations and help plan and identify challenges before they become a problem.

TheWorxhub Map Assets

Streamline Your Healthcare & Senior Living Facility Management Operations

What makes TheWorxHub the best CMMS for healthcare and senior living? You get the best in mobility, centralization, compliance tools and robust reporting in one cloud-based platform and much more…

Facility Management FAQs

What is facility management software?

Facility management software allows you to track and manage assets related to operations of your facilities. These include infrastructure, buildings, systems, safety equipment and any other asset that keeps your facility functioning. This unique software provides better tracking and reportable insights to help you improve and streamline the work that goes into keeping your facilities operational. 

What should I look for in facilities management software?

Facilities management software should be suited to meet the specific needs of your organization. At a minimum, it should be able to track and manage assets and work orders on those assets to keep your operation flowing smoothly. Finding the right facilities management platform to partner with can bring more robust features. Some of these things include, compliance tracking, GIS location tracking, mobile applications or other features that can streamline your operations even more. 

Do I need facility management software to keep my healthcare or senior living facilities compliant?

There are several regulatory agencies that require safety and critical equipment to be up to date on inspection to reduce or eliminate failure. If these assets fail, it can be dangerous to the individuals being cared for. Although it is not a requirement to have specific software to report compliance to these agencies, implementing facility management software can ease the major burden of tracking dates and times that inspections were completed across countless assets and facilities.

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