Our Thanks to You on World Facility Manager Day

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Happy World Facility Manager Day! See what we have to thank all FMs for in quotes directly from Brightly.

Did you know that it's World Facility Manager Day on May 16?

 It's a day when we can take some time to say thank you and share appreciation to the facility managers who are the bedrocks of our operations and communities. 

These men and women thanklessly keep us safe and comfortable, often without us even knowing the extent of their service. Their daily work keeps our hospitals healthy, classrooms comfortable, manufacturing plants productive, parks safe and so much more.

IFMA describes a bit more about the purpose of this day on their website:

"World Facility Manager Day is about you. It's a day of celebration and recognition for the facility management profession. It's a time to bring the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment into the limelight and share well-deserved thanks for keeping our facilities healthy, safe and productive."

Here at Brightly, we are so grateful for the noble work of facility management professionals and teams and that we get to call them clients and friends, in many cases.


With that in mind, we asked our employees why they are thankful for facility managers and here's what they said:

"They make my work environment work!"

"They are the unsung heroes! Where we work, live, and play, facility manager make our lives safer and more enjoyable!"

"They serve and are unseen. They are the ones who keep things running who are always under appreciated. I for one am thankful for all that they do and it is a privilege to be able to work with and serve them in what I do."

"Because without them, we wouldn't be able to focus on what we need to do to get our jobs done."

"They are the masters at making it work and keeping it all together. They are innovative and creative. They take care of everyone else, without asking for anything in return."

"I'm thankful that they care about all the little things that the rest of us take for granted - like lighting, and heating, and air quality, etc."

"Facility managers are like ninjas: when they do their jobs well, nobody knows that they are there. These men and women keep everything going, and often go unrecognized for the hard work that they do. I'm glad that we have so many dedicated, talented, and passionate people who maintain the world around us."

"They're salt of the earth folks who work hard every single day with very little recognition, even though they empower every one of us to be able to do our own work and live our own lives."

"Because they are the frontline for creating and sustaining the space where dreams meet reality!"

"They keep our buildings comfortable and safe. Without them, our work suffers as well as our experiences as we engage with different types of facilities and public areas outside of work. They're really responsible for making our work and personal lives more enjoyable by improving the physical spaces that we spend a majority of our time in."

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And here's what we say to you, facility managers:

"I say thank you for being there when no one else is, early in the morning and later at night, making sure that we have well run facilities to live, work, and play. We salute you for all that you do to make our world a better place to live in."

"Although World Facility Manager Day is a day to pause for recognizing you, we recognize that you are there for us every day."

"Thank you for showing up when the budgets are cut, when man power is down, and when the critical alarm goes off at 2 AM. The work you do is not something everyone can do. You are special."

"Thanks for all you do to make sure that our facilities run smoothly. Thanks for the lights that turn on when I flip a switch, running water in the restrooms, air and heat when we need them. Basically, thanks for maintaining an environment that lets me do what I need to do each and every day!"

"Thank you for serving your team, your company, and your community! We are indebted to your often-overlooked work."

"Thank you for going above and beyond to make your organizations better. I am proud to serve you!"

"The world wouldn't be what it is without your hard work and dedication, I personally want to say thank you! I appreciate all that you do."

"We see how hard you work, and it is an honor to support you in that!"

"Thank you so much for what you do. You might be behind the scenes but your work is seen every day and it should never go unnoticed. You all are an essential part of our company’s growth. Keep up the marvelous work!"

"We appreciate you and all your dedication and hard work. You take your job seriously and it's your personal mission to make sure the building you're managing is safe. That's an important and big job — one that doesn't go unnoticed by the folks at Dude Solutions. We appreciate all your hard work and thank you for all that you do!"

"Thanks for everything you do! You really are making a huge difference, even when it doesn't always feel like it."

"Thank you for all that you do. I would never be able to do my job without you doing yours."

"Most people would pay to have the skills that you have that come so naturally. Don't ever feel that you are not absolutely vital to the ins and outs of every single day."

"THANK YOU! Everything you do is important and recognized."


Cheers and Happy Facility Manager Day to you!