CMMS + AIP: A Profitable Pairing for Enterprise Asset Management

2 minutes

Today, we’re exploring how combining computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) with an asset investment planning (AIP) strategy can help organizations manage their assets more effectively. 

What is a CMMS?

CMMS is a system designed to support maintenance and operations teams in organizations that operate physical infrastructure, making the entire operation more efficient and, often, more profitable. A CMMS solution can do everything from tracking work orders to automatically scheduling preventative maintenance activities and linking planned maintenance directly to inventory. This creates workflows that are faster, easier, and more cost-effective.  

Ideally, before utilizing a CMMS, organizations can begin documenting asset data through a Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA). These assessments can be performed either internally or with the help of an outside engineering firm. An FCA documents each of your assets, analyzes their pertinent information, and takes into account their condition at the time of assessment. Once this initial data is gathered, assets are prioritized for investment based on their condition, risk for failure, community safety, and cost of upkeep.  

While FCAs serve as a useful starting point, a CMMS is vital for keeping data fresh as it monitors and updates your data overtime through regularly tracking work order activity. Because of this, if an FCA is too costly or time-consuming for your organization to perform, CMMS data can still serve as your primary information source.  

What is AIP?

AIP is a strategy that analyzes data collected through the FCA, CMMS, and other resources to create a data-driven asset management plan. This plan helps managers make proactive rather than reactive decisions on how to spend their limited resources.  

How Brightly combines the power of AIP and CMMS 

Brightly, a Siemens company, is the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions. While there are many options for CMMS systems on the market, Brightly delivers over two decades of experience working with more than 12,000 clients in diverse industries across the globe to better manage and optimize their asset maintenance and operations through the key phases of the asset lifecycle. 

Brightly’s next-generation enterprise and asset management solutions offer organizations the tools they need to manage their assets more effectively and efficiently — and they integrate with our powerful AIP tools. Origin™ was designed to leverage existing CMMS data to give you real-time asset health updates, so you always know precisely where in your asset portfolio to focus your maintenance budget. Predictor gives businesses the world-class capital planning software needed to model various funding scenarios, use data analytics to prove funding, and improve strategic asset management. 

With Brightly in your AIP and CMMS corner, you can tackle your most ambitious projects yet. Paired with our award-winning training, support, and consulting services, we can help illuminate your way to a bright future.