4 Must-have asset management support functions

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Asset management solutions have the power to transform any organization with smart assets and efficient operations. Your team trusts this platform to transform its operational strategy. With that kind of trust in a SaaS solution, shouldn’t you feel supported by the team behind it? Different vendors have a variety of support options in place, but those options should align with how your team works. CMMS/EAM service providers offer various avenues of support, from asynchronous training modules to live chats. Let’s look at some common areas for support, and how they might factor into your purchase decision if you’re in the market.

1.    Implementation Support

Consider a platform’s implementation process, and how it’s presented to your team. Will you need considerable help getting your new technology off the ground? If so, consider a SaaS solution that offers multi-step orientation and/or training services. This type of management solution is new territory for your organization, so it might benefit you to sign on with a company that has a documented plan of attack with scalable support.

2.    Knowledge Base

If you would rather tap into the power of your collective SaaS community, consider a vendor that houses a comprehensive knowledge base. They commonly offer discussion boards and FAQ articles that address common questions or issues and how to address them. A knowledge base is a great way to leverage the experiences and solutions of fellow CMMS/EAM users.

3.    Differentiated Training Resources

Ideally, vendors will come to the table with several training offerings. These might include live in-person sessions, live virtual presentations, recorded training videos, self-guided modules, or a combination of options. Depending on your specific asset management strategy, you might need a differentiated approach in order to fit the needs of your team. The training needs of an educational organization will differ from those of a healthcare facility, but an ideal SaaS provider will have the tools to support their entire client roster.

4.    Phone, Email, and Live Chat Functionality

Sometimes a question is best answered through direct contact, so make sure your SaaS solution comes with phone, email, and live chat support. Having the option to utilize one or all of these channels of support is not only a great resource for your team but essential to uninterrupted asset management.

No matter what type of troubleshooting services your CMMS/EAM system provides, your team needs a support structure where efficiency meets flexibility. Effective asset management can be stress-free when it’s built with a supportive framework.

Successful asset management is a team effort, and we’re here to help. Ready to optimize your asset management strategy with a knowledgeable support team?

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