5 Tips to Successfully Implement an Operations Management Solution

3 minutes

At Brightly, we’ve had the pleasure of onboarding many of our new clients. These early conversations are often filled with excitement and fascination, but also curiosity as there is so much to learn in order to get the most out of their new operations software. The biggest and most important question clients ask is “ Where do I begin?” A fair question considering most goals tend to have a clear starting point. The path to success is actually pretty simple. 

As our clients begin the process of implementing their operations software, the team is here to help them establish a few key steps to achieving success. We’ve found that there’s almost a “recipe” that clients can follow to drive their success. To help get started, here are five key tips to ensure a successful implementation of your new operations software. Don’t worry – Brightly's legendary Client Service team will be here every step of the way to help map out and execute your implementation plan! 


1. Appoint a Champion 

This will be your “go-to” person who takes the lead on the implementation process. They will be your advocate and internal point of contact for faculty and staff during this new endeavor. This person will guide your team to ensure you accomplish your goals and guarantee your success. Plus, having a single point of contact can ensure effective communication and consistency in processes. 


2. Create a Plan 

Working with any new program or process can feel like an overwhelming experience initially. However, with a detailed understanding of what your new software can do, we will work with your champion to help establish key processes and layout a plan. (For example, what’s your workflow process, what users should have access, what are the tools for communication, etc?) Develop, prioritize and execute! 


3. Set goals 

Plans are only as successful as the goals they help you reach. Define your measures of success with immediate, short and long-term goals as you and your team continue to progress forward. Do you plan to reduce energy cost by a certain amount, increase work order completion rate, or ensure community facilities use requests are scheduled? No matter how small or large, setting goals is a big help. When you reach a goal, be sure to continue to set new ones to keep your organization on the path to achieving the next level of success. 


4. Get others involved

Getting buy in from others is important during the implementation process. Don’t just lay this new program in their laps and say “here you go.” Get your requesters, supervisors, technicians, and administrators involved during the early stages. Including them will not only help ensure you have their full support, but can also contribute to some great ideas for planning and goal setting. 


5. Measure and analyze

To know how well you’re using your new software, it is important to track and measure performance. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide performance data, analysis and context of software usage to help you understand, improve and raise awareness of your efforts. Use these reports to ensure you’re on the right track to reaching your goals. 

Consider these tips as the first steps for a successful implementation of your new software. Never stop learning! Continue to work with your team, leadership and Brightly to ensure you stay on your path to success. 


Get our 4 tips for getting buy-in with new technology in this infographic.