The Best Sessions (For Your Industry) to Attend at Illuminate 2024

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Our most recent highlight, “The Top 10 Sessions at Illuminate 2024,” dove into what we think are the most pertinent sessions during this year’s event across industries. Today, we’re drilling down further; showcasing an industry analysis of sessions which can’t be missed during Illuminate 2024! 

Industry Connect Kickoffs 

Join us for four distinct industry-specific kickoffs led by Brightly experts that feature an introduction to the conference, an industry-specific product roadmap preview, and an overview of the state of your industry (education, government, healthcare, and manufacturing). All Industry Connection sessions kick off on March 12th at 10 AM: 

  • Education Connect - Blythe Layne and Tim Bass 
  • Government and Public Infrastructure Connect - Marc Evans and Luke Anderson 
  • Manufacturing Connect - Michael Hartsell and Corey Dickens 
  • Healthcare Connect - Kelly Hatt and Patrick Tierney 


Adopting a New CMMS in a Large School District 
  • Not all computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are made equal. If your district is on an existing system and you think it’s time for an upgrade, this session will give you a comprehensive look at all key steps required to successfully and efficiently migrate from one CMMS to another. 
Using a CMMS to Tell the Story of Your Maintenance Efforts 
  • Managing a diverse portfolio of school buildings is a hard job — one not fully understood by the average person. Learn how to use your CMMS data to effectively frame and articulate your narrative, helping everyone understand the true impact of your maintenance and operations team. 


Measuring Value in Facilities & Public Works: Key Performance Indicators, Objectives, and Key Results 
  • Public works projects can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the resources you need. How can you secure the additional resources your team needs to be successful? This session will give you a clear understanding of strategic KPIs and OKRs, plus tips for clearly communicating your service levels, resources, and performance to stakeholders to secure the support you need. 
Asset Hierarchy & Why it Matters to Get it Right 
  • Finding success in the facility management industry can come down to something as simple as your asset hierarchy. Join Ronald Kaczmarek, Facilities & Capital Projects Division Chief in Gaithersburg, MD as he walks you through the process of defining and setting up your asset registry/hierarchy correctly, using a crawl/walk/run methodology that allows your organization to grow as it matures in your system of record. 


What Digital Transformation Means in Manufacturing and How It Benefits Non-Technical Leadership 
  • Despite its name, digital transformation (DX) is not about technology, but about breaking down operations and organizational challenges into smaller, more manageable projects. Learn how to effectively handle macroeconomic factors, including inflation, labor, and supply-chain issues with buy-in from every leader, including those that may resist change or the addition of new technology. 
Spark Happiness Through Productivity: The Agile Method 
  • When you hear about the agile method, it’s easy to think it only applies to IT companies or developers. In this session, you’ll learn why that isn’t the case and how you can use agile methodologies to optimize your approach to work, positively impacting your organization and customers. 


How to Survive Physical Environment Surveys 
  • Presented by Kelly Proctor, Director of Operations for DNVGL Healthcare, this session will give you a clear understanding of what it takes to be prepared and compliant during physical environment surveys. Discover the basics of ISO 9001 standards and how to consistently meet these requirements, plus learn industry insights and secrets to avoid potential pitfalls. 
"Sustaining" Sustainability: Enabling Operational Excellence Through Strategic Asset Management 
  • People, process, and technology must all come together to “sustain” sustainability itself. Facility leaders already engaged in running sustainable buildings have one thing in common — they understand the necessity of leveraging data to make better management decisions. Learn how strategic asset management helps your sustainability plan turn into action and efficiency. 

And Don’t Forget About the All-New Certification Prep Courses 

Taking place on March 11 from 12-3 PM, our new Brightly Certification Prep Courses are designed to help you pass the Basic Level certification on the last day of the conference and are even broken down by products and industry, allowing you to learn targeted information to help your organization succeed. The full list of available Prep Courses is below -- but seating is extremely limited so hurry now to register. 

  • Asset Essentials 
  • Government 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Energy Manager 
  • Event Essentials (FSDirect and Community Use) 
  • Event Manager 
  • MaintenanceEdge (Work Order and Planned Maintenance) 
  • MaintenanceEssentials (MaintenanceDirect and PMDirect) 
  • TheWorxHub (Maintenance Module Only) 
  • Acute Care 
  • Senior Living 


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