Himanshu Singh Explains How Brightly Empowers Employees

3 minutes

At Brightly, culture is more than a buzzword; it’s the core of who we are. It drives how we work together, how we treat one another, and how we move forward in the same direction. Our employer brand, The Brightly Way, outlines the beliefs and values we live by to embody our culture. Below, team member, Himanshu Singh shares his story about how he demonstrates The Brightly Way in his daily life.

Since Himanshu Singh joined Brightly more than four years ago, he’s witnessed firsthand how our values, culture and colleagues are what drive meaningful work every day.

In his client solutions role, his work is about showing how we can enable our clients to overcome their challenges and achieve business outcomes. During this journey, ensuring our clients have the right information and support, and that ethos influences his relationships with managers and team members as well. “Clients always come first,” he says, “but the company is equally empathetic to any dependency or constraints (if any). The expectations are always realistic. So, it’s a mix of empowerment and responsibility, in that it’s up to you to determine the level you can meet.” That sense of independence while still being collaborative with his colleagues ensures he can be transparent and confident in what he promises to deliver for clients. 

Elaborating on the theme of empowerment, Himanshu stresses that in his time at Brightly, he’s seen the company support the needs and goals of employees in a way that’s different from other companies. “Brightly invest in people’s aspirations, in career development, across departments with a strategic vision,” he says. “People are supported in their professional growth both as step up role and encouraged to apply for opportunities internally. I’ve seen people supported in changing roles because they wanted to learn something new and grow.” This flexibility enables long term commitment and motivation from people and evolve their roles alongside changing interests and expertise. He, himself, moved to product management recently.

Trust and collaboration are key, but those values depend on clear communication to make a difference in the workplace. “You can reach out to leadership,” he explains, “it’s very honest, and feedback is provided very constructively. The openness makes you feel better about trying new things, because if you fail you know you will be supported.” The ability to speak freely and take chances is something he in turn encourages with his own team.

These values are core to the work that Brightly does, because ultimately, employees feel that the product really matters to their clients. “Our products are built on customer first centric approach; we co-create products to meet evolving customer needs. The products we’re working on give us a sense of satisfaction, we feel pride because they help our clients to manage assets smarter, enhance community engagement and provide sustainable operations”

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