How to find the right SaaS solution to scale your operations

3 minutes

Your organization is growing, and you need an integrated software solution that will solve your operational asset challenges and grow with it. This transition can be smooth, and financially secure, when you have a great SaaS solution to rely on. The trick is finding the right partner for the future.

Whether your business is replacing dated systems or starting from scratch, research any and all companies that provide the type of solution you need. For example, you’ll want to consider where, when, and why assets are utilized across your organization as you collect viable technology options. Therefore, make a list of organizational needs; have them handy when evaluating software companies and their integrated offerings. For example, manufacturing or healthcare facilities might search for platforms that can simultaneously monitor energy consumption and streamline work orders. Or educational institutions and government agencies may be looking for ways to streamline community projects and provide predictive modeling for long-term funding needs.

Before you begin your research to narrow down the providers that might best suit your needs, be sure to consult with other stakeholders across your organization. Others may interact with the software you’re purchasing and might have requirements you haven’t thought of. Also, will you need sign-off from finance? Will you need buy-in from your IT department? Will legal or procurement need to be consulted? Who else will need to be involved in an important software decision? Understanding your organization’s purchasing process upfront will save you time and will make the entire process go more smoothly. 

Once operational requirements are addressed and your buying committee is assembled, you can start your search to find a selection of vendors that might provide the features and functionality you require. Not sure where to start? Asking peers what systems they use, attending industry conferences, and accessing software analyst reports (usually for a cost) can give you a starting point. 

Most likely, you’ll be evaluating a variety of CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) and EAM (enterprise asset management) providers. CMMS are designed to manage assets within a single location or provide limited, multi-site support. EAM systems offer comprehensive features for managing multiple sites and organizations. Implementing an EAM system, which often incorporates CMMS, allows facility management to house all their assets under one virtual roof to make smart, data-driven decisions. On the other hand, CMMS tracks an asset after its purchase and installation.

When it comes to choosing the best companies to add to your short list, consider SaaS providers with a full range of capabilities and a long track record of delivering success. The most effective platform will put you in control of your asset management and give you the tools to make strategic decisions based on data analysis and evaluation.

Where does your organization fall in the quest for the right SaaS company? Let us help you navigate your vendor search with our Buying Guide: Operations Management Software. Brightly strives to provide innovative, results-oriented asset management solutions. We’ll show you where innovation, collaboration and service meet.