Better capital planning with Origin’s powerful new features

2 minutes

In an age of record inflation, supply-chain related issues and lack of funding across the board, getting the most out of every dollar matters. Every decision you make now impacts your organization down the line. Do you know how your decision impacts the future? For Brightly Origin™ users, understanding those decisions just became a whole lot easier. We’re excited to announce Forecast Simulation tool is now available for all Origin users!

With this new, powerful tool, Origin users can easily compare different funding scenarios and how they will impact their facility’s assets. These forecast simulations include:

  • Current budget
  • Funds needed or optimal budget
  • Increase or decrease as a percentage of budget amount

The Forecast Simulation tool allows you to create a side-by-side comparison of different funding scenarios. Use it to illustrate how different funding scenarios will impact your facilities over time and easily communicate the true cost of deferred funding.

In addition, we understand how important it is to have an accurate, detailed asset repository. While Origin users have access to Brightly’s Universal Asset Repository (UAR), you will now also be able to customize data or create new asset types that may not already be available.

Organizations with uncommon equipment have struggled to manage their assets with other strategic asset management software. Now, manufacturers and others with unconventional equipment can ensure they can plan for a brighter future by ensuring all of their assets are in their asset repository with the data they need.

Looking forward to using these exciting new features? They’re now live for all Origin users!

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