Schools are finding creative solutions to handle snags in the supply chain

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Compared to other industries, education faces a unique set of supply chain issues.

Across the country, schools are dealing with a shortage of basic supplies—from paper and pencils to technology and toilet paper. As such, the education sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the way they manage their facilities and equipment. This means making sure the right tools and technology are in place to help students learn safely and effectively.

Education is not exempt from supply chain challenges

The supply chain is one of the most important aspects of a school's operations; it's what keeps students learning in climate-controlled buildings, classrooms stocked with textbooks and teachers equipped with adequate technology.

But supply chain challenges within the education industry are nothing new. Districts often rely on vendors that specialize in specific services or have multiple providers for each piece of technology they use. To keep schools and instructional facilities running smoothly, education leaders need tools to help them make the best decisions in key areas of school operations.

  • Instructional technology: When it comes to the classroom, there are few things more critical than instructional technology. Teachers depend on computers and tablets to create interactive lessons that make learning more engaging. Students use them to do research and complete assignments. But when schools struggle with scarce or out-of-date technology, students lose out on an important part of their education. The shortage of laptops and tablets can lead to higher costs for schools that are trying to keep up with growing student needs.
  • Furniture: Steel is used in desks, chairs, lockers and other classroom furniture. It also goes into construction projects like building new schools or renovating old ones—but when there isn't enough supply on the market, contractors have no choice but to pass along those higher costs to school districts or higher educational institutions.
  • School lunches: Labor shortages, along with rising food costs and other supply chain disruptions, are impacting processing and delivery schedules. This is forcing schools to look for new ways to manage their supply chains and ensure that students have access to healthy meals every day.

Asset management keeps school operations in sync

A lot is going on in the education sector—from curriculum changes to new instructional technologies. But one thing remains constant: supply chain management is critical to the success of schools and, more importantly, their students.

Schools of all sizes can benefit from a computerized asset management platform that helps keep facilities functioning and supply chain costs down. These solutions include software that can track everything from the condition of a school’s roof to the temperature in its classrooms. They can also collect data from HVAC systems and security cameras, allowing administrators to see what's always happening throughout their campuses.

Data collected by asset management solutions can be used to predict when repairs will be needed so that they can be scheduled ahead of time. In addition, they can alert administrators when something needs attention right away, such as when a window is broken or someone enters a building after hours.

Cloud-based asset management can help schools save money by reducing waste and preventing unnecessary repairs. If a facilities manager knows that air conditioners are running too often because of poor insulation in certain areas of the building, they can use this information to make adjustments before any major problems occur—saving time and money in the long run.

When it comes to supply chain, Brightly has done its homework

From maximizing existing resources to supporting the massive growth in student populations, Brightly understands the need to deliver an optimized learning environment—especially amidst supply chain issues.

We’ve spent years helping thousands of schools and colleges overcome industry-wide challenges, and we’re not stopping there. We'll help plan, predict and strategize an asset management solution to keep students successful and facilities functional.

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